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Chicago emo band, Four Stars, has been sharing an uplifting message with recent release “Worth It”. BareBones Ent got the opportunity to chat with the band and discuss their recent release, formation, and what is to come. So sit back, relax and enjoy our interview with Four Stars!

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BBE: How would you best describe Four Stars to new listeners?

FS: Familiar and warm, like an old friend’s band you haven’t seen play in a few years. The lyrics are friendly and honest with inviting and memorable vocal melodies. 

BBE: I read you guys came together to enter a Battle of the Bands contest. Did you win?

FS: Moe’s Tavern will always have a special place in our hearts. Although we placed 4th (out of 50) the experience motivated us to take our craft seriously and grow into what we are today. [Damn good placing for a band that has just got together!]

BBE: When did you know your band was going to work and be something special for you?

FS: March 7th, 2020. We played our Headspace EP release show in front of a sold out Downstairs Sub T. The energy, love, and support we received from everyone was unmatched. To this day it’s my favorite show we’ve played. The city went into lockdown the following week and as a band we have faced many challenges since, but that show still motivates us to this day.

BBE: You recently released a new song “Worth It”. How did that song come together?

FS: When we first wrote “Worth It”, it was a slower ballad type song. While recording at ABG with Seth Henderson, with the direction of Dave Knox, the song became more upbeat and subsequently more uplifting.

BBE: Is there an overall message you are wanting listeners to take away from the song?

FS: For me, “Worth It” is like a reminder that even though times can, are, and inevitably will be tough, there are better days ahead and they really are worth seeing. It makes me feel thankful to be where we’re at and to do what we do.

BBE: How have fans responded to the song?

FS: We’ve had some really touching responses from this song. All sorts of emotions. Happiness, thankfulness, tears and general positivity. Hearing how people resonate with the lyrics and how it’s made a positive impact on their lives, no matter how big or small, truly warms our hearts. It reminds us why we write and play music. We write from the heart. If someone likes our songs and connects with them. We feel the same way and it’s nice to know that we’re not alone in our feelings.

BBE: Do you feel you write more to share messages with fans or telling stories?

FS: The majority of our music stems from emotions and how we feel. Sometimes how we feel is best expressed through a story or account of an event but strong emotions tend to be a little more direct and end up focusing on something specific.

BBE: What are you currently working on?

FS: We’ve been working with Ryan Mendez (Yellowcard) on some new songs. It’s really been a dream come true and we’ve learned a ton along the way. 

BBE: Are there any more details you can provide on that?

FS: We’ll be writing and recording within the next few months and are gearing up to release new music in early 2021. If I had to describe them, they really take on a pop-esque life of their own and the growth is clear.

BBE: What is the best way for fans to stay up to date on Four Stars?

FS: We can be found on all social media as @fourstarsil

BBE: Anything else you would like to add?

FS: Thank you Barebones for this interview and taking the time to listen to our music. We hope to come to a city near you in the near future. [Hell yeah! Hit us up if you come to Dallas!]

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