Q and A with Framing Hanley

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Photo courtesy of Framing Hanley
Photo courtesy of Framing Hanley

Framing Hanley is a rock band out of Nashville, TN. The band has toured the world, released hit singles and albums, and have built up a large family of fans! Framing Hanley is made up of vocalist Nixon, guitarists Brandon and Ryan, bassist Stoye, and drummer Chris. BareBones Ent got the chance to talk with Nixon of the band, find out what all he had to say!

BS: How do you best describe Framing Hanley to someone who hasn’t heard of your band?
Rock n roll. We are just 5 dudes that like to have a good time and it just so happens that the way we have a good time is by playing music. Lucky for us, some people care enough to listen. We are normal guys that love rock n roll. If you like rock n roll, you’ll like Framing Hanley.

BS: What do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment so far as a band?
So many. A gold single, hundreds of thousands of albums sold, headlining and selling out shows all across the globe. One that sticks out to me was our first tour ever in the UK in 2010. We sold out the whole tour and it was our very first time even being introduced to that side of the world.

BS: You have been together for awhile now, what has been the most embarrassing moment you have had while playing live?
We’ve all taken pretty gnarly spills onstage before. Just recently, Brandon tried jumping up on a wedge/monitor and the bottom of the wedge caught the top of his shoe and he just fell flat on his face on top of the monitor in front of everyone. I couldn’t stop laughing to sing the rest of the song.

BS: What cities always bring the most energy to your shows? What is it like for you going on stage with that type of crowd?
Flint, Michigan is a town that loves rock n roll. Every show we’ve ever played at The Machine Shop has had an amazing crowd/atmosphere. Home shows in Nashville, TN are obviously always special as well. What fans of rock n roll need to know is that THEIR energy feeds the energy of the artist performing. So when there’s a crowd ready to let their hair down and just turn loose, it makes our “job” a helluva lot more fun.

BS: What do you think your band is most famous for?
This would obviously be our cover of Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop.” Ya know, 2 years ago I would’ve told you that irked me, but the fact that that song opened up the doors it opened for us and introduced our band to people that never had heard of us prior (and that have thankfully stuck around since), it’s kinda hard to be angry or upset about that.

BS: What is something that fans don’t know about you that may surprise them?
I’m a huge wrestling nerd. My “dream job” is to one day write for WWE.

BS: Before talking about the new album, lets travel back in time. You guys released a cover of “Lollipop,” by Lil Wayne years back. What made you want to cover that song, and were you surprised with how huge it got?
It’s funny because it was originally kind of a tongue in cheek “joke.” It was Ryan’s first show as an official member and it was our hometown of Nashville, so we wanted to do something different. “Lollipop” was all over the radio, in the clubs, everywhere you went…so we were pretty intoxicated at rehearsal and I suggested (half-jokingly) us doing a rock version of that song at the upcoming show in Nashville. Well, we did, and the label saw a live video on youtube of the performance. Next thing ya know, they ask us to record it and then it’s on syndicated radio all across the globe. We NEVER envisioned or even had plans for that song to be even recorded, much less a single that basically saved our career when our first album looked like it had outstayed its welcome.

BS: You just recently released a new album The Sum of Who We Are, what was the creation of this album like?
Long. Haha. We spent 2 1/2 years working on this album. This was the first album of our career where we went back to the drawing board numerous times to keep plugging away, writing, revisiting songs, etc… until we KNEW we had THE album we felt was a true representation of who Framing Hanley is in 2014.

The Sum of Who We Are cover art
The Sum of Who We Are cover art

BS: Bands always write a ton of songs for an album, how did you choose what songs to put on this album?
We recorded probably 35 songs for this album and knew we could only choose 11-13. The songs that made the cut were the songs that jumped out at us as a cohesive/complete/well-rounded album. Too many songs are a good problem to have.

BS: How have fans responded to the album?
Seems most people consider this our strongest effort to date, which is awesome because we certainly feel that way. We are a different band than we were a year ago, so I can’t even explain how different we are now than we were FOUR years ago when we released our last album. It feels good to have something out that is who we are NOW and for fans to actually be digging it is just the icing on the cake.

BS: What song are you most proud of on the album and why?
“Castaway” is a special song. That song was about the moment when it really dawned on us how, after all the good and all the bad, we have people out there that actually have a desire to hear music that we create. After the better part of a decade, that’s pretty amazing. That song is about us continuing to do this as long as those people are out there.

BS: How can fans see when you will be coming to their town?
Nixon: Our official site www.framinghanley.com and facebook.com/framinghanley

BS: Anything else you would like to say to your fans?
Get the album if you haven’t yet! Stay up to date with all things Framing Hanley by visiting www.framinghanley.com

Check out their badass single “Criminal” below

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