Q and A with Gianennio Salucci

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Gianennio Salucci is a talented director specializing in music videos. This director just recently released a brand new music video for “Dark Highway” by Riotron. Find out what all Gianennio Salucci had to say when they sat down with BareBones Ent.

Photo courtesy of Gianennio Salucci

BS: When did you start directing music videos?

GS: My first music video was a little thing I made back in high school! I was lucky enough to go to Orange County High School of the Arts and learned a lot of great skills during my time there.

BS: Have you done other types of directing jobs?

GS: I’ve also directed short films and I’m working on a feature and some commercials.

BS: How did you get in to directing music videos?

GS: A perfect storm of events got me into directing videos professionally. I found an artist I liked a lot and believed in, and we ended up doing a project together. I was inspired!

BS: How do you approach each project initially?

GS: Each project is approached in a unique way. Usually my process involves a mix of getting in touch with myself and imagine images and scenarios to a song, seeing how it moves me, and putting myself in the artists shoes, thinking about what they’re trying to say.

BS: What is it about directing music videos that you enjoy or is most rewarding?

GS: Sometimes a video makes a song better. A lot of my favorite songs I fell in love with because of the video. I strive for that every time.

BS: What do you feel is one of the biggest challenges with directing and how do you battle that?

GS: Film is really an emotional art form, and comes with all the traditional things associated with that. Sometimes it’s hard not to get lost in your project and go a little mad. …. Sometimes it’s better if you do.

BS: What has been the most interesting or challenging video you have worked on?

GS: All of my videos have been challenging in different ways. I strive to provoke interest in each, uniquely. “Dark Highway” was uniquely challenging, for example, because we worked really hard to find the locations that had the look we were going for — there’s not a lot of dark highways around LA.

BS: You recently worked on a video “Dark Highway”. What was that project like for you?

GS: “Dark Highway” was such a rewarding video to work on. I loved collaborating with the artist, Jeff, who was a great counterpart to my vision, and I to his. The song really lent itself to a story that satisfied a lot of our mutual favorite themes and aesthetics. It was a lot of fun.

BS: How has the reception been?

GS: Reception for “Dark Highway” has been great! It is such a unique video. I think people are really enjoying it. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone named their 2nd son “Dark Highway.” I know I might.

BS: What advice would you offer to people looking to get into directing?

GS: Find that muse. Trust yourself. Don’t name your kids after your projects.

BS: What is next for you?

GS: I have more music videos coming out shortly! I am also working on a narrative short that should be out in a few months!

BS: What is the best way for people to follow your projects?

GS: You can see my work at my website: http://www.gianennio.com/

BS: Anything else you would like to add?

GS: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me! 

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