Q and A with Havlyn

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In this interview I was able to talk with some members of the band Havlyn.  Vocalist Matt Caswell and bassist Adam Stone was able to offer some insight into their band, and what they are working towards.  Members of Havlyn have seen some success in previous Lubbock band, The Urgency and the Exit, going on tour with such big names as Taking Back Sunday and Bowling for Soup.  Havlyn consists of vocalist Matt Caswell, Pianist Patric Johnston, Guitarists Cody Bigham and Josh Stone, Bassist Adam Stone, and Drummer Aaron Myers. This is actually my second time interviewing Matt who I interviewed when he was in his previous band.  Its great seeing them grow and continue making great music.

Thank you guys for taking the time to share with us..

Me: So I know that some of you used to be in The Urgency and The Exit, what brought about the change to Havlyn?

Havlyn:  There are only 3 members of The Urgency and The Exit in this    band. We just wanted to do something with meaning more mature sound with Havlyn

Me: How long have you guys been together as the new band?

Havlyn:  We’ve been together since February of this year.

Me: Have your fans from the previous band remained loyal and interested through the change?

Havlyn:  We haven’t really reached out to the The Urgency and The Exit fans with this band and I guess we won’t know until the album comes out.

Me: What type of shows have you played?

Havlyn:  We actually haven’t played a show yet.

Me: What type of music and bands influence your current sound?

Havlyn:  Everyone in the band has different taste in music and we pull from that, from heavy bands to mellow folk music. We all like different things, which I believe adds to our sound.

Me: Has the Lubbock music scene grown more since we spoke before or have you seen some changes?

Havlyn:  I couldn’t tell you if it’s grown all we know is it’s different for sure.

Me: I know before you were looked at as the band that could offer advice to the new bands starting out, do you have many bands that come to you for advice? Best advice that you have for other bands?

Havlyn:  Just do what you do, that’s the best advice for anyone. Follow what you love and stay true to that.

Me: What is the writing process like for your songs? Is it a whole band effort?

Havlyn:  We basically just flow together, adding our own taste and style to each song. But it’s all of us together writing not just one person.

Me: How are you getting your music out there for people to hear?

Havlyn:  Right now we are using all the basic social media platforms but Youtube is kinda our domain where you can watch updates, interviews, live videos, and music videos.

Me: What has the response been like?

Havlyn:  From the little feedback we’ve heard it’s all been positive. We feel we are reaching people on a deeper level then in past bands, it feels more connected.

Me: If you could go on tour with any band who would it be? Why is that?

Havlyn:  Like U2, 30 Seconds To Mars, Foo Fighters or Coldplay. Anyone really…

Me: I really like your single One in a Million, what inspired the song?

Havlyn:  One in a Million is a song about believing in yourself…

Me: How is the album coming along? Can you possibly give an estimation for when you think it’ll be finished and available for fans?

Havlyn:  The album is coming along great! It will drop in early 2013 but you’ll be hearing some tracks later this year!

Me: What can you say or has you excited about this album?

Havlyn:  We are must excited about just being able to play music together and being able to write music that we enjoy then being able to record that music. It’s all exciting to us!

Me: Do you have any shows coming up that people may be able to come out and see you play?

Havlyn:  We don’t have anything booked and probably won’t until later this year.

           Take some time and check out www.havlyn.com.  The band keeps updates, songs, and more information about the band on the website.  Show them some love on Facebook and their Youtube videos, there is nothing but possibilities open for Havlyn.  We’ll be looking forward to the album and coming singles.  The following is their great single about being yourself, One in a Million, enjoy..

Havlyn – One in a Million

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