Q and A with Havoc Faction

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Havoc Faction is a band that is bringing so much more to the table for fans than music alone. This band brings together the two worlds of music and comics beautifully. Take a look below and see what Havoc Faction had to say when they sat down with BareBones Ent!

BBE:  What exactly is Havoc Faction to you?

HF: Oh wow haha, big question right out the gate! Let’s see, Havoc Faction, I’d say, is the culmination of my career in the entertainment industry. I’ve been an actor, a writer, and a musician, and in 2016, it dawned on me; why not take everything I’ve done and weave it into this one project? Havoc Faction is much more than a band. It is a world that I get to create for others to live in, either at a live show, or when they’re listening to the music, watching a video, or reading the comic book panels, this place is for them. 

BBE: How did the comic aspect of the band come into it? 

HF: I’ve always loved comic books and superheroes since I was a child. Growing up in the 90’s was the best. We had all the best shows like Batman, X-Men, Spider-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spawn, Beast Wars, Dragon Ball Z, Power Rangers, and so many more. The 90’s were gritty and they were full of creativity. My whole imagination was fueled from these awesome shows, stories, and brands.  Now as an adult I just see these beloved franchises just get sucked dry. They’re not as magical as they used to be because they’re no longer original. I want to create something original yet, familiar. Yes, this can be for matured kids but this is also for the adults who miss that kid inside of them. There have been bands who’ve come before me with comic books attached to their band (Starset, Coheed and Cambria) but there definitely isn’t a band like this. I just knew I had to do something different to stand out, but I wanted to do it authentically and stay true to myself. As much as I love writing music, I love writing stories.

BBE: Was this something you always pictured in your music, or did this change over time?

HF: The original vision and story has underwent some changes. My biggest mistake was launching the band without a fully worked out story. I kind of just came up with it as we went in our first couple years as a band. It wasn’t until late 2019 is when I was able to sit down and really rework everything and come up with the world that Havoc Faction resides in. 

BBE: Fans see the final project of a music video that is so well illustrated and done. How much of a challenge are the videos to make that fans might not have expected?

HF: I’d say the biggest challenge of making a music video is believing in myself and my vision enough to know that the video is going to come out great. I hit all kinds of fears like “What if this looks like crap?” or “What if people don’t get it?”. I had to just talk to myself and trust my creative instincts. I didn’t cut any corners and I worked with friends who I know are very talented (I’m very lucky in that regard). There were so many different pieces. I shot the rooftop and city stuff with one person, the hideout performance shots with someone else, and then I got the animation made by this talented guy that I met on Instagram, who lives in another country haha. Then, I had a different person edit everything together. This thing could’ve came out so disjointed but the fact that it didn’t means I trusted myself and I trusted the right people to help me make this thing. 

BBE: You recently released one of these videos, “Crossfire”, It is such a well done video, and is so engaging to watch. How did the concept of that video come about?

HF: Thank you so much! I told myself, “If this is my only chance to showcase my vision, then I have to do this right”. The main point of this video was also to bookend the first era of the band with the original lineup. I didn’t want to just erase our history and not acknowledge that those guys were part of this at one point, so I wrote a treatment that not only paid homage to them but also push the story forward into what the main plot of this next era of Havoc Faction is going to be, which is the struggle of a grief struck, numbed out, uninspired, unmotivated hero, trying to find reason in life again. The stories I write for HF usually paint parallels to my own life. A lot of the inner struggles that Backdraft faces as a vigilante/hero is what I face as a musician. 

BBE: How have fans reacted to it?

HF: So far the reaction has been nothing but positive. I’ve been gaining a steady flow of new fans and followers since the release of the video and I’m extremely grateful for that. I think the balance between live action and the comic book animation was really a home run. That’s been everyone’s favorite part and that will probably be how I approach future videos. 

BBE: “Crossfire” tells a very interesting story, and comes from a real place. Can you explain a little further how you came up with this song?

HF: The song itself is actually a commentary on the modern political climate in our society. The way the media has politicized everything and pins the left vs. the right recently, has just caused so much chaos. I consider myself very much a centrist, especially during these times, but this has caused me and many others to be caught in the crossfire of these two sides. Meanwhile, there are so many bigger issues happening behind the scenes that all these people are missing because they’re so caught up with each other. While there’s been lots of great songs or albums that came from this pandemic, no one has really called out the political BS that I’m witnessing.

BBE: Are fans able to follow a cohesive story through the videos or are there plans to expand these aspects? If there is a full story being shown, where would new fans need to start to be able to follow along?

HF: Yes, this is one thing I’ve taken pride in. I’ve tried to make it as easy and accessible as possible to follow along with the story. If you scroll to the bottom of the band’s Instagram page, you can start with the first post and work your way up as it takes you through the story. You can also click the highlight on the top of the account “The Story” and that has everything compiled there as well. Every music video will tell a story that will be in chronological order with everything else that’s happening in the world of HF.

BBE: Do you create comic books as well or do you have any plans to try your hand at creating a physical comic book?

HF: Creating physical comic books is absolutely part of my plan. I’m currently going through different artists and writers to work with til I find the right matches. Starset struck a deal with Marvel when they released their graphic novel so I know that something like this can be done. Although personally I’m hoping for a deal with Image Comics. I just feel like that could be a good home for Havoc Faction. Darkhorse or DC would be my next choices. 

BBE: Where can fans stay up to date on what you are currently working on and upcoming releases?

HF: The band’s Instagram page is really the best thing to follow. Subscribing to the YouTube channel would be great too. I tried seeing how I could utilize TikTok for this project but I just don’t think that’s the place for this, or me for that matter haha. 

BBE: Anything else you would like to add? 

HF: I’d just like to say thank you for these awesome questions and being interested in interviewing me and my project. I know HF isn’t a conventional band so any interest in it means more than you know.

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