Q and A with Holly Would..

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Photo courtesy of Holly Would.. Facebook
Photo courtesy of Holly Would.. Facebook

Holly Would.. is a pop rock band out of Newport News, VA.  After a big 2012, the band has picked up right where that year left off by holding onto their momentum in 2013.  The band consists of David Elliot on vocals and guitar, Kevin Criner on bass, and Cory Ward on drums.  Continue to expect great things from this infectious band.

BS: How long has Holly Would been together?

HW: We’ve been making love to each other since the dawn of time, but we started the band about 3 years ago, when we released our debut EP “The Girl Not the Place.”

BS: What would you say is the moment or person that inspired you to get into music?

HW: Really for all of us it was choice between taking a bunch of B.S. boring electives in school or taking band.  Needless to say we all chose band, and despite taking on the band geek stereotype, we all realized at different times that music was our passion… and band kids just have way more fun… “This one time at band camp….” Yea it happens…


BS: Speaking of inspiration, what bands have inspired the style of music that you make?

HW: It’s hard to pin one specific inspiration down, as we are all into so many things.  We love everything from hip-hop to metal to (dare I even utter) country.  Really we just love music, but we are all about the attitude that is Rock n’ Roll.  So, if we had to put anything down to one specific inspiration, we’d probably say” We are inspired by sex music.  Does it make you want to dance or just get genuinely freaky?  Then yes we are inspired by it! Or the Bee Gees.

BS: What are Holly Would songs typically about, things that happen in your life or do you just come up with a topic and write about it?

HW: Most of our songs are personal stories and confessions that I feel I need to make.  We all have our dirty little secrets and I (David) use songs as a way to get a lot of them off my chest.  In doing so, I try to keep everything as vague as possible so that anyone can listen to the songs and interpret them the way they want to.  The beauty of music is it is art, and everyone can view art differently.  If you think the song is about one thing, then yes your absolutely right, because that is what the song means to you, and who cares what I or anyone else thinks.

BS: What was it like for you having your song “xjulietx” included on the Keep a Breast compilation Yuletides and Stage Dives?

HW: Having our song on this compilation was a great honor.  We’ve always been big supporters of Keep a Breast because breast cancer has had a large impact in our lives.  It was also really cool that “xjulietx” was the song chosen for it, due to its underlying message and emotion.  The line “This story isn’t over, until you draw your final breath,” fits very well in so many aspects.

BS: I have always really liked the song “xjulietx”, it’s a great song.  What was the inspiration behind the song? [song below]

HW: “xjulietx” is a song all about opposing forces and a struggle to fight for what you love and believe in.  The idea is that when the world is trying to rip you apart from whatever it may be, you hold that much tighter and fight that much harder, and no matter how dark or bad things get, you remember that as long as your breathing there is still more to do, and more story to tell.

BS: For fans that love your music, can they expect to see you out on tour anytime soon?

HW: YES!!!  We’ve already started posting a bunch of spring dates up and down the east coast on our website www.hollywouldrock.com and social networking sites, and more will be announced soon.  Keep a close eye out as we continue to update more.

BS: If you could go on tour with any band who would it be and why?

HW: It would probably mixed genre tour featuring Waka Flocka Flame, Kenny Loggins, Whoopi Goldberg, and Rodger Rabbit…  But now that Fall Out Boy is back together it might be cool to go out with them and Drake too…

BS: Is there any show that you have played that really stands out to you as your favorite, and what made it so special or memorable?

HW: Once we had the privilege of opening for Bayside, which is one of our band idols, so that was pretty awesome, but every year we put on a big Holly Would… Holiday Party that is always an amazing time!  This past year we hosted it at the NorVA and made it extra special by teaming up with the VH1 Saves the Music Foundation to raise a bunch of money for school music programs.


BS: What can fans expect to see from Holly Would, in 2013?

HW: World domination brought to you in the form of: A lot of insane shows, out of control shenanigans, new music, exciting news and events, and probably the occasional nudey pic…


BS: Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?

HW: The greatest Helicopter Pilot of all time is Dum Dum Dugan… We look forward to seeing you all at a show near you soon!


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