Q and A with Jenny Teator

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Jenny Teator is a blues rock singer out of Nashville, TN. She has people buzzing with the recent release of her song and video, “Surrender”. Read on and find out all about Jenny and even how you can get her to your home…in a much less creepy way than that sounds. Anyways, check out what all Jenny had to say when she sat down with BareBones Ent!

Photo courtesy of Jenny Teator

BS: How would you best describe your music?

JT: Blues/Rock/Pop. It’s like a fusion of ZZ Ward, Amy Winehouse and Grace Potter
BS: Aside from yourself, who would you say is the future in Nashville?
JT: Anderson East is killing it, I love his sound and he’s been progressively getting bigger and growing.

BS: What questions do you feel you get asked the most by fans? How do you answer that?
JT: Hmm…probably the same question you asked, “how would you best describe your music?” Because its truly a little bit of everything and most people want to pinpoint what genre it is. I personally love that its a bit of everything, keeps it fresh and new which is the goal!

BS: You recently released your music video for “Surrender”. What was filming that video like for you?
JT: Yes! It was soo fun to shoot, that was my first ever music video so it was a new experience for me. The Red13 team did an excellent job with planning it out and directing me through it as well. We had fun with it and it just felt natural! There’s a cool behind the scenes video they put together on my Facebook page you can check out here: https://www.facebook.com/jennyteator/videos/255490892012902/ I can’t wait to continue to do more work with them 🙂

BS: What was the hardest part of the filming?
JT: I think the hardest part for me, since it was so new, was the singing to the camera parts. I felt awkward at first and Mark (CEO of Red13) was yelling “SING IT I CANT HEAR YOU!” haha. Because at first, I was just lip syncing and not actually singing it (noob). So, after the first take I got into it and then it just felt natural from then on haha.
Jenny Teator Surrender

BS: How have people responded to the video?

JT: Over all, very well! I had a huge amount of support from my fans and new fans! YouFindMusic shared the video which was a huge boost of exposure, and I definitely had some haters on there haha but thats going to happen. If it isn’t happening you aren’t doing something right 😉

BS: Take us back to when you first released the video. What were you feeling and thinking in the moments between releasing the video and getting your first comments?
JT: I was so excited and nervous to see the response because of the nature of the song being sexual. It was this fine line between sex and female empowerment that I wanted to show in the video also using humor. I really wanted to throw some “What did I just watch?” moments in there but with the underlying message that “females can be dominant too”. Basically making fun of how jacked this guy was and I was playing off that haha. I was definitely nervous that most people would miss that message, but the responses and comments were all amazing! I’m really happy with the end product and I can’t wait to see where this leads.

BS: I want to talk some about your private home concerts. How did you start this?
JT: I met with my friend Sheridan Gates one morning to talk to her about this idea that I had of doing house concerts. I had read a book about it that explains the business model of it and we both had been wanting to get on the road so it just made sense! We started with friends and family and did our first tour on the east coast consisting of 8 shows! It was incredible. Its an intimate house concert where the host invites 20+ friends over and listen to the stories behind the songs we sing. Very laid back and fun. We wanted to do a Nashville writers round style show and its been a huge success. Since then, we invited our other good friend and artist Meg Williams with us and did a west coast tour through Portland, all the way down through cali! It was incredible and we are going to continue to hit other areas this year!

BS: What is that experience like for you?
JT: It’s confirming for me as to why I am doing this. To be able to sit in front of a group of strangers and be vulnerable, sharing your stories and songs with is scary at first but in the end you truly get to connect with an audience that you may not get to in a typical loud, full band venue setting. We love doing these shows on the side because it really gets back to the roots of songwriting, just you and your guitar.

BS: Are you still doing these shows?
JT: Yes! Currently planning more tours for this year. I have one booked this month from a new younger fan (13 years old) who came to one of my shows and reached out to my page wondering if her family could host one! I can’t wait, she’s such a sweetheart and just truly enjoyed my music so much to reach out like that? Pretty amazing.

BS: How does someone book you for that, and what can they expect?
JT: They can reach out to me on social media if they are interested or email me at jennyteatormusic@gmail.com Basically, the host will invite 20+ friends to attend, getting RSVPS and set a time. It’s completely FREE to the host, since it is donation based. When they invite their friends they do emphasize to be prepared to bring a donation concluding the show, since that is how we make our money! We bring the equipment to set up wherever the host feels like is the best fit for it. We’ve done them in backyards, living rooms and basements! Its easy and very versatile, we’ve done these in all sorts of sizes and spaces which is the best part because most think they need to have a HUGE house to hold one and you really don’t. People sit right in front of us on the floor, pillows and couches/chairs set up. Guests arrive, mingle, drink, snack for an hour and then we play an hour long show interacting with the crowd, telling the stories behind our songs and at the end the host usually thanks guests for coming to end it out. We have our merchandise set up on a table and just talk to the guests after the show, its so fun!!

BS: What is next for you?

JT: I’m booking more shows, and hoping to get into the studio very soon to record more. I’d like to tour a lot this year and travel sharing my music! It’s all in the works right now with a few secret things up my sleeves…stay tuned! 🙂
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