Q and A with Julia Poorman

New York’s own Julia Poorman has been getting back into the swing of songwriting and creating new music. With a drive behind her she has been steadily releasing singles and will continue that trend. Take a look below and see what all Julia had to say when she chatted with BareBones Ent.

Julia Poorman – Upstream

BBE: For new listeners, how would you best describe your music?

JP: My music typically has a modern twist on the 90’a vibe.  I’m a 90’s baby and have been inspired and influenced by a lot of popular artists of that time.  

BBE: If you could only play one song for them to really introduce them to your music what would it be and why?

JP: So far, I’d say “Already Got It” – my first single.  Because the message is something most people can relate to.  It speaks to the struggles I’ve been through as a person and how I wish to translate my realizations through my music.  

BBE: What does creating music mean to you?

JP: It means life.  Truly living.  Putting a song together is so fulfilling for me.  Music is creative expression, it’s therapy, it’s storytelling, and it’s been really fun to create tracks people resonate with and can adapt to their own experiences. 

BBE: How does a Julia Poorman song come together?

JP: Typically, I start with a melody or a chord progression.  I am usually feeling a certain vibe or story that I want to get out and the rest just flows.  If an entire song gets written, it’s usually in one sitting.  I may wrap up loose ends the next day, but a lot of times; if it’s going to work, it works quickly. 

BBE: What is your ideal writing environment?

JP: Cozy in my bedroom or outside in the sun 

BBE: You took some time away from music. What brought you back to music?

JP: After my dad suddenly passed in 2021, I realized just how important music was to my healing.  I needed to devote more of my heart to it again.  

BBE: How do you feel the loss of your father impacted the music that you make? Did it change the type of stories you wanted to share with fans?

JP: I think it made me realize just how fragile and short life is.  I have been a bit more vulnerable in my songwriting, because why not? He always wore his heart on his sleeve, and I know people relate to that.

BBE: What do you feel is the most important message you can share with listeners through your music?

JP: I want them to feel validated and empowered.  I’m sure others have stories like mine or have felt how I have felt.  Let’s come together and sing about it! 

BBE: Your latest single, “Upstream” has been out for a little bit now. How have fans reacted to the song?

JP: I’ve had great feedback! I think it makes some people feel less alone when they decide to do what’s best for them despite potential disapproval from others.  

BBE: What does it mean to you when you get responses like that?

JP: It confirms that I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing.  

BBE: What are you currently working on that you can share with us?

JP: So much! I have a new single coming out later this month (May 2023), and I will keep releasing music every 6-8 weeks moving forward! 

BBE: What is the best way for fans to interact with you and stay up to date with your music?

JP: Follow me on Instagram! @julia_poorman I also post show dates on my website juliapoorman.com

BBE: Anything else you would like to add?

JP: Thank you to everyone who has been enjoying my music so far.  I hope we can continue to learn lessons, fall, get back up, grow and sing together for as long as our time allows. 

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