Q and A with Kevin Land Band

BareBones Ent sat down with Kevin Land of the Kevin Land Band to discuss “Blue Windbreaker” and much more. Take a look below and see what all Kevin had to say when he chatted with us.

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BBE: How did you get in to performing?

KL: Hard to say! I remember my neighbors and I putting on shows for our parents in 4th grade or so, and around then we had stage plays at school, too. My parents are both musical – piano and operatic singing have been part of our home life forever, and they would perform for friends or at church sometimes. I just absorbed it and then really got into it as a teenager, watching Zeppelin and Beatles DVDs and the like. 

BBE: What is it about playing music that draws you in?

KL: In my life, making music intersects at the highest combination of “things I’m good at” and “things I like doing.” It feels good to be in that cross section as much as possible. 

BBE: What do you feel it is about your music that fans connect with?

KL: Even when the topics are serious, Kevin Land Band songs have a fun and energetic sound. People like to sing along or even laugh at relatable storylines and catchy hooks. It’s simple but unique. 

BBE: You recently released the song “Blue Windbreaker”. What was the inspiration behind the song?

KL: I had been laboriously putting out a few songs a month and was seeking inspiration everywhere. I watched a lecture from a country music writer who said to come up with a song title and put it up on the wall and stare at it until something came through. I don’t know why “Blue Windbreaker” came to mind, but it felt special and sat on my bulletin board for a couple weeks before the lyrics came to mind. Maybe I had a cool chord progression on deck around that time as well.

BBE: How have fans responded to the song?

KL: It’s a hit among friends, family, and local supporters for sure. People sing it with me and even learn the trickier, faster parts of the lyrics to bop along. One friend choreographed a whole dance in her free time! 

BBE: Is this part of a larger release, or is this just a single? What details are you able to provide us on that?

KL: This is the first single form Kevin Land Band, one of three we finished earlier this year. Those two will follow, and I expect an album to follow some additional single releases. We’ll do a music video for Blue Windbreaker and learn from this process how to make the next releases come through with more and more energy. 

BBE: I have to ask the important questions though. Do you have said, Blue Windbreaker?

KL: I do! A woman I dated while recording this single got me one as a surprise, and I actually love It and wear it out a lot. She and I are still friends. 

BBE: What is next for you outside of this release (or album/EP release)?

KL: We’ve got 2 more singles finished, so those will come out while we get some more songs recorded. I do foresee an album but the timing and scope are still a bit TBD. I also want the band to perform more and more outside of our stomping ground in Long Beach, to see if we can connect with other communities and whatnot. 

BBE: What is the best way for fans to keep up to date with your music and connect with you?

KL: I am fairly consistent on instagram which is great for sharing events, new music, and direct messaging. You can reach us there, follow on streaming services, or send e-mails on our website www.kevinlandband.com

BBE: Anything else you would like to add?

KL: Thanks a ton to anyone taking the time to listen to our music and to learn about us. On a practical note, we’d love to get needed support in the management or booking realms as well. 

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