Q and A with Last Call Home

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Photo courtesy of Last Call Home Facebook page
Photo courtesy of Last Call Home Facebook page

Last Call Home is a pop rock band from San Diego, CA.  In September of 2013 the band released their debut EP, World War You.  The band is made up of guitarist and vocalist Michael Beyl, drummer Robby Melendez, and Nick DiTomaso on bass.  Check out what the guys had to say when they sat down with BareBones Ent.

BS: What do you feel Last Call Home has to offer music listeners?
Michael: Well, this band has always been focused on doing things right.  We have all been in other bands, where there was always someone worried about the wrong things; fame and money. This was our escape from just that. We love to make music, and most importantly, we remain a family through thick and thin. I believe that the best thing we have to offer, along with making music, is spot for everyone in this family.

BS: How would you best describe the music that you make to fans that may not have heard you before?
Robby: When you listen to our music, we like to describe it as a strong driving pop band, with a positive and easily relatable message, and more than anything, catchy hooks that will keep you singing along the whole time, every time!

BS: How do you feel that you stand out in your local music scene around the world?
Nick: We like to make our live show as fun and entertaining as possible, and playing it loud and proud is our specialty! Our stage presence alongside our constant and classic melodies all come together to create this feel good and almost nostalgic rock show! “Bringin’ it back” is how I feel we stand out!

BS: What is the most rewarding part for you being in a band?
Michael: Easy! Making an impact. If we can affect people’s feelings in a positive way, it makes everything worthwhile. Seeing people sing our lyrics is a feeling that I can’t even describe. Just to know we impacted someone in the world is the most rewarding thing ever.

BS: You put out your debut EP, World War You, what was that like for you?
Robby: Releasing our debut EP was a great experience, and a very fulfilling accomplishment. We have all been in groups before, but I feel very comfortable speaking for all of us when saying this is the most proud we have been of a release. And since the release, we have received amazing feedback from many fans, websites, and anybody that allows us to show them. And that alone just shows us that what we are doing is worth it.

BS: What has the response been like from fans?
Nick: It’s fun to see the reaction of kids in the crowd when our set starts and we hit them with that good old fashion drive and those feel-good songs. Being so new to the scene it’s awesome to see and hear such positive feedback such as “a refreshing sound” or “bringing it back”.

[check out this single from their EP and continue reading below]

BS: Now that it has been some time since the release, is there anything you would change and why?
Michael: Hm, not really. I think, even though we’ve all been through the recording process before, this was still a learning experience. We still had to learn how we all work individually when were in the studio, and most of all, how to work together. Without the obstacles we faced we wouldn’t have been able to learn and grow together as a band.

BS: What are your hopes in 2014 for the New Year?
Robby: This year will definitely be a growing year for Last Call Home, we have many things planned! Right now we’re working on an acoustic EP set to release the middle of this year, along with many other media releases before and after, you’ll just have to wait to see. And don’t forget hitting the road as much as possible to meet every single person who has reached out to us!

BS: When can fans hope to see you next?
Nick: We can’t wait to start this year right with new videos, more tweets, crazy shows, and bigger “sing a longs” in 2014! Don’t hope to see us, we’re ALWAYS at the beach, Come catch some San Diego sunshine!

BS: What part of your live show do you think sets your performance apart?
Michael: Energy. Most of the stages we play, simply don’t have enough room.  I’m the type of guy, who runs to the left side of the crowd, and then to the right. I love to interact with the audience. If you’ve ever seen us live, you’d know that Nick is a ball of energy with a bass. We are a very energetic/interactive group, who is the same playing for 20 people as we are 500 people. It’s extremely fun!

BS: Anything else you’d like to say to your fans?
Nick: We appreciate each and every one of you for giving us a shot! From anyone who has our CD to anyone who has even hit the play button on our YouTube channel! The constant feedback and support for music, ours and the worlds, is what has got us this far and ultimately makes the world go round’! Each of us in the band has been chasing our dreams and we are using this project as a tool to encourage everyone to follow theirs!

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