Q and A with Mudbrain

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Atlanta, GA band Mudbrain is bringing something new to alt-metal. BareBones Ent got the chance to chat with the band about their music, struggles in other countries, and so much more. Come see what all Mudbrain had to say when they sat down with BareBones Ent.

Photo courtesy of Mudbrain

BS: How did Mudbrain come together?

Mudbrain: Mudbrain was just a thought at first. Everyone has it. We are all crazy and why should we not own that?

But the way it came together was pretty simple. I was on the road for a while with some great bands, but I saw a lot of BS a long the way. So when I was done with that gig I just said screw this, I’m going to start a band that is just everything I love and nothing I hated. I say that all the time and it’s true. We just want to be honest with ourselves and with our music and we want to be that band that people remember as giving ZERO F***S

BS: What does this band mean to you?

Mudbrain: This band is my life. Joey would say the same. What you hear in our songs, that’s real time. That’s the madness inside my head. Mudbrain is my way of saying what I have to say and it slowly just grew into our identities now.

BS: Your music touches on some tough and relatable topics for many people. Was this always a goal of yours with your music?

Mudbrain: I wouldn’t say my goal is to write about relatable topics, but if people relate to my songs of course I think that is amazing. But how people interpret my music is on them. I only write the tunes. The only song I really wanted to follow a topic was WWBH. That song was more of a “Wake up you privileged little pricks” kinda song where I wanted people to feel the pain of what real suffering is like. All my other tunes can be picked apart but I would rather let people enjoy and interpret the tunes themselves.

BS: What does it mean to you to have your music touch people and help them through tough times?

Mudbrain: I mean, being such a young band I don’t know how many people we have touched so far haha. But if it does of course that makes my heart happy man. We are all here to help each other out so if our music plays a role in that I think that’s pretty frickin sweet. That shit matters. So I guess you can say it would mean the world to us.

BS: Your song “When War Becomes Home” is such a powerful song. The song feels atmospheric and open which I feel adds to the powerful message in the song. How did the writing process for this song come together?

Mudbrain: My grandparents started talking and I started writing. It was pretty simple. I reached out to some talented musicians out in Serbia and we made the song happen while I was vacationing over there back in 2018. It was definitely a story more than just a song. I wrote it in remembrance of what my family and people went through. It was emotional, but it was empowering for me.

BS: This song does have a very powerful message, as I said, and is actually very meaningful for the band. Can you elaborate on why this song means so much to the band?

Mudbrain: I sat on this song for a few years waiting for the chance to release it. I know that sounds kinda lame, but it was the most real song I had written. It was about my people, my culture, my family. I wanted it to be special. And it is.

BS: Do you feel the knowledge of those struggles has somewhat shaped your artistic outlook and goals for your music?

Mudbrain: Meh. Haha I guess. Honestly, I never really thought too far into why I play the way I play or write the way I write. It’s mainly just a feel thing for me. My only goal is to be the change in the music world. Not just talk about it.

BS: It seems in America we can feel so far withdrawn from and even unaware of some serious struggles in the word. Are there ways people outside of those countries can help?

Mudbrain: Yeah, quit bitching about how hard your life is and open your eyes haha. I say these things not out of anger, but realistically as a country we have it made here. And the countries that really need help are getting swept under the rug. Go do some research and see what is really happening in the world. Get off your ass and put down the remote control. Quit brainwashing yourself.

BS: What advice or words of encouragement would you offer for someone struggling with an awful situation such as these?

Mudbrain: Wanna know something crazy? While recording this song in Serbia I was curious how everyone was still so lively and happy. I had a conversation with my aunt who said that on the days of the bombings back in the 90’s, they would party and have gatherings because they didn’t know if they would have another day to do it again. How about they give us some advice on how to live life? How do we put aside our bullshit and enjoy life even through hard times. Clearly even though they were literally living through war, and have always been struggling with war, they live on. To me that is beautiful and we all need to learn a lesson from them. They are my hero’s.

BS: What do you feel is the best advice you have been given?

Mudbrain: My grandpa slapped me in the face once for lying to him about taking my medicine lol. It was something silly like that. But he said never lie. No matter what it is. One day that lie may cost you your head.

Best advice anyone ever gave me.

BS: What is next for your band?

Mudbrain: SHOWSSSSSS. We have a tone of material including another EP, possible full length by the end of the year. But mainly shows. We just want to play and spread the Mudbrain.


BS: What is the best way for fans to reach out to you and/or follow your music?

Mudbrain: Find us on IG or Facebook @mudbrainofficial Spotify, iTunes, apple music and basically every other platform available haha. Hit us up if you want individually as well @aleksserdar or @j0e_dirt_

BS: Anything else you would like to add?

Mudbrain: Yeah, don’t forget, we all have Mudbrain. Love yourself <3

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