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BareBones Ent got the chance to sit down with the legendary pop punk band, MxPx. This band has been tearing it up for 30 years and recently released a song with mutual friends RIVALS! Take a look below and see what all vocalist and bassist, Mike Herrera, had to say when he sat down with BareBones Ent!

Photo courtesy of MxPx

BBE: I’d imagine a lot of music fans are familiar with your work, but could you take a moment and describe MxPx’s music for us?
Melodic punk rock or pop punk

BBE: You guys have been staples in pop punk for a long time. What do you attribute that lasting power to?
Over the years the band has only gotten tighter and that’s because we love what we do. We adapt to the world and the music business as we watch it constantly change while carving our own path. We continue to release new music and playing live while sharing a positive outlook which is a basis for a solid foundation. 

BBE: Do you still get nerves releasing new music or playing shows after so long? 
Yes, but not in a bad way. Some nerves can be good. They tell you what you’re doing matters to you. To take it seriously and to prepare. 

BBE: Pop punk has seen such a huge resurgence lately with musicians moving over to making pop punk music. What do you think about how pop punk has re-emerged into the mainstream?

MH: We’ve been here the whole time and there’s plenty room for more good songwriters in this field. In fact I welcome them!! Let’s go pop punk!

BBE: For new fans of pop punk, what are some bands besides your own you’d recommend?
MH: Millencolin. Love those guys from Sweden. Also I love The Ataris, Screeching Weasel, The Descendents, New Found Glory….Oh, and the Ramones is a good place to start. 

BBE: With new music on the mind, you just released a new song, “Say Yes”, which is absolutely fantastic. Which actually has a feature on it from our friends in RIVALS. How did this team up come together?
Kalie Wolfe’s brother turned her on to some punk back in the day and MxPx was on that comp. So when we asked her to sing all over the new song she said, “Hell Yes.” Maybe she wanted to make her brother proud? I hope he is!

BBE: Did you already have the song completed when they came on, or was there a collaboration on writing it?
Song was done. In fact we have a version where I sing the whole damn thing. But this version pops. Know what I’m saying?

BBE: Was this song completed during lockdowns or were you able to work on it together in person? Did this prove difficult?
This was recorded in May of 2021 so we’ve been rehearsing together all year really and was pretty easy to knock the recording out. We have our own studio and rehearsal space.  Good times. 

BBE: How have fans reacted to the new release?
MH: They’ve reacted strongly! Haha. People are always ready for more music. 

BBE: Was this song solely a single, or is this part of a larger release coming out?
MH: This was just a single for the summer. We wanted to give listeners a lil sumthin something while I’m still writing and working out more new songs. 

BBE: What is next for your band?

MH: There will be bigger releases, but also live shows again. It’s in the building stages, but really that’s just another way to describe our whole life and career. Always in the building stages.  

BBE: What is the best way for fans to stay up to date and interact with your band?
MH: Fans can join our email and text lists. We craft our own messages and let people know about the important mxpx related releases and events. It can be found at the bottom of mxpx.com. After that follow us on all the socials. Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.  

BBE: Anything else you would like to add?
Thanks for reading this. And thanks for listening to MxPx and punk rock!

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