Q and A with Neighborhood Kids

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Photo courtesy of band Facebook page
Photo courtesy of band Facebook page

Neighborhood Kids is a fun pop rock band out of New York.  I met the band in Dallas on the Resolution Tour where I got to know the band and instantly set up an interview.  This talented band is made up of vocalist Emily Herring, George Bosotina on guitar and vocals, John Damiano on drums and bassist Billy Houlihan.  Check out our interview with the band below.

BS: How long has Neighborhood Kids been together?

NBHD Kids: Since summer 2012. So very new …

BS: How are you breaking out from the New York music scene?

NBHD Kids: We’re always working on new music and new concepts… We also have been on tour regionally and nationally since last year literally, Nov. 2012 thru Feb. 2013. We’re hoping to grab Skate and Surf this year as well via the break contest

BS: What do you feel you offer listeners that they haven’t heard before?

NBHD Kids: We wrote a lot of the music for our first release before Emily was in the band so things are going to be much better from here on out. We offer our own blend of pop-rock electronica brought forth by our own life experiences and influences so it absolutely will be unique.

BS: How do you balance having two singers one female and one male lead in all of your songs?

NBHD Kids: We don’t balance it; it definitely balances itself. We effortlessly naturally have a feel for who should be singing what and its steadily increasing to more Emily and less me (George). But it truly isn’t limited to that and things are different on a song-by-song basis.

BS: I think you guys have a great style, what bands have inspired your music?

NBHD Kids: Head Automatica and The Ready Set are quick “go to” influences on how we’re probably perceived. However a super wide variety of radio pop, obscure indie, rap and even punk albums and Michael Jackson could provoke any sort of influence on a track for us. We definitely don’t follow a formula for writing.

BS: From what I have seen you have shared the stage with some big bands.  What bands and shows are the most memorable to you and why?

NBHD Kids: Anytime we play with Paradise Fears it is a hugely great time for us, those guys are our good buddies. We also dig playing with Rocky Loves Emily, and any of our friends!!! At the same token we always enter shows with an open mind to meet all the bands so as time goes on that list will grow. We’re very new so it’s a growing process.

BS: Your EP Get Dumb is awesome; did you expect the response that you have gotten for it?

NBHD Kids: We had no idea what to expect, literally we pegged Emily in July and just got sucked into this whirlwind & chaotic scenario of deadlines, haha! We definitely regret it in a way because it would’ve been nice to get more sessions in with new music and Emily, rather than having her write to our instrumental demos… You know?

BS: “Heartbreakers” is a great song that really makes you want to move.  What was the inspiration behind the song?

NBHD Kids: I (George) originally wrote the lead riff/hook and expanded on it with Bill and John and the song sat that way since about April 2012. When we found Emily and knew we were going to have a female singing, again these things figured themselves out, we knew we needed to scrap some of my melodies and lyrics (the chorus and bridge mainly) once we figured that out when we went to producers Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount they then gave the song a million new dynamics and a new life. The demo sounds NOTHING like what they were able to do with us.

BS: If you could only play one song for someone to show them your band what one would it be and why?

NBHD Kids: We do this a lot when were promoting since we’re so new and we play “Heartbreakers” because its just currently just the best all around song to showcase what were about in under 3 minutes.

BS: I met you guys at the Dallas stop on the Resolution Tour.  You played “Heartbreakers” for me outside and it sounded awesome, so I had to talk to you about an interview.  Have you been able to meet a lot of people at these shows?

NBHD Kids: Yes OMG it has been an amazing experience!!! We have made friends on this tour that will be with forever and that is huge. We couldn’t be happier with the last 3 months it has been a blast!

BS: What have these personal interactions been like for you? 

NBHD Kids: Truly amazing most of the time. There are some really mean people out there that will be super rude to us till they realize we’re not your average band haha they’ll refuse to listen to us and then when we take pictures and sign t-shirts in front of them 10 minutes later they change their mind and try and meet us haha. We handle it well but it’s surely interesting when that happens.

BS: What song is the most fun to play live?

NBHD Kids: That differs from show to show depending on what songs are more popular in that particular city. I’d say that for me (George) my fav is “What We’ve Been Missing” because I wrote a lot of that song and its super great to see it’s doing so well!!!

BS: What does a Neighborhood Kids show look like from up on stage?

NBHD Kids: Lots of folks dancing and jumpin’ around and having a great time. We especially dig the fact people can forget about all the crap in their life’s for a second and enjoy the show!

BS: If you could go on tour with anyone who would it be?

NBHD Kids: Prince for sure!!!

BS: Are there any plans for a tour in 2013?

NBHD Kids: Yes we are working on a lot of that stuff with our booking agent currently!

BS: Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?

NBHD Kids: Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who supports our music and has let us stay on their floor or ANYTHING like that. Please tweet us and say hello when you read this so we can keep in touch

@vivalasgeorgio @emilyeileen28 @johndoesdrums @thebillyhoulihan

Want more Neighborhood Kids? Here is their cover of Fall Out Boy’s “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark.”

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