Q and A with Nine Lashes

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Photo courtesy of Nine Lashes Facebook page
Photo courtesy of Nine Lashes Facebook page

Nine Lashes is a Christian rock band out of Birmingham, AL.  Nine Lashes is excited about the upcoming release of their new album, From Water to War, which comes out later this month!  The band is made up of vocalist Jeremy Dunn, guitarists Adam “Tank” Jefferson and Jonathan David Jefferson, Jared Lankford on bass, and Noah “Cap’n” Terrell on drums.  Check out what the guys had to say when they sat down with BareBones Ent. 

BS: How long has Nine Lashes been together, and what inspired the name?

NL: We’ve been together for going on 7 years, now. Our name comes from our Savior, Jesus Christ. He suffered torture at the end of a whip called “Cat of Nine Tails”. So our name is just a reminder of what He went through for us.

BS: What bands have inspired the type of music that you make?

NL: Man, the list is endless. Our musical interests span a lot of genres. Anywhere from Coldplay to Breaking Ben. We grew up on rock, so we lean that way musically, but on this new album, we really got to let some more colors through.

BS: What do you feel is the most important thing that Nine Lashes has to offer modern music?

NL: I think it’s our simplicity. We just write what we love and nothing is off limits. We’re straightforward.

BS: What message would you like fans to take from your music?

NL: That the God who created everything loves them and wants to adopt them into His family.

BS: What do you think it means to be a Christian rock band?

NL: It just means you do what you love (make music), and do it for a purpose. You would be surprised how many people think God is a dictator that thrives on being disappointed in them. Hopefully our music and our actions will shed light on who God really is.

BS: What are general music fans common misconceptions about this type of music?

NL: That we don’t write from our hearts or that our lyrics are less than genuine. We are real people with real emotions. The only difference is that our belief in God gives us a completely different starting point from which we interpret and cope with those emotions.

BS: How would you like to go about changing this wrong idea of the music?

NL: By just being completely and utterly me

BS: As a Christian Rock band do you see any type of hatred from people when you’re on tour and how do you deal with it? (Thank a fan for this submitted question)

NL: I haven’t run into it much on the road. But on occasion, we’ve voice some opinions on Facebook that weren’t very popular. The biggest issue that we face is the fact that the world today commonly confuses differences in opinion with things like hate and love. Basically, if I disagree with you, I hate you, and if I love, then I will agree with you. But if this were the case, there could be no friends, because we all disagree at some point or another. But I can’t change the fact that people still feel attacked when faced with disagreement. So when I disagree with someone, and I need to voice it, I just try to reiterate the fact that my opinion on a matter doesn’t change my love for that person. Christ tells us to love unconditionally. And loving someone means telling them the truth in love, regardless of the outcome.

From Water to War Album cover
From Water to War Album cover

BS: You currently have pre-orders up for your new album, From Water To War, what are you most excited for fans to hear?

NL: For me, it’s the record as a whole. Like I said earlier, we really got to let more of our diversity in tastes come through. I’m actually super stoked at the result.

BS: What was it like for you recording this album?

NL: Difficult. Rewarding. Terrible and amazing. It was really a lot like life.

BS: What was the biggest challenge in recording From Water To War?

NL: Probably trying to bridge the gap between our diverse tastes. I feel like we succeeded in the end

BS: When can fans hope to possibly hear a single off of the album?

NL: Right now! “Break the World” and “Surrender” are both out right now. I know “Break the World” is also on iTunes, and “Surrender” should be right on its heels. It won’t be long.

[check out the single, “Break The World,” at the bottom]

BS: Any details you can give us on when you may start touring in support of the album?

NL: We have a few dates in February scattered. We’ll probably be finishing up some filming around that time, too, for some music videos. We have big plans.

BS: What is the best part of performing live?

NL: Meeting the fans. It’s easy to feel like you’re not really doing anything worthwhile in this business. But when I meet these kids, and they tell me that they were on the verge of suicide and listening to our music helped them choose life, I’m left feeling like an idiot that takes everything for granted. I don’t know what to say to those kids. It’s an honor, and everything I say in response seems to cheapen the feelings they’re sharing with me. I just want to shut up and give them a huge hug. They think I’m helping them, but they’re really helping me.

BS: If you could give fans some advice prior to coming out to see you guys what would it be and why?

NL: Get hyped up! The more they jump and move, the more fun it is for everyone.

BS: Anything else you’d like to say to your fans out there?

NL: You guys are amazing. We love you and appreciate you. A lot of you write words of encouragement on our Facebook, and I want you to know that those do not go unnoticed. Thank you guys.

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