Q and A with Oxymorrons

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Photo courtesy of the Oxymorrons
Photo courtesy of the Oxymorrons

Oxymorrons is an alternative hip-hop group out of Queens, NY that has been quickly gaining support from some big names in music.  With great songs and mixtapes, vocalists KI and Deee, drummer Matty Mayz, and DJ Mr. Hernandez are set to take the music world by storm.  Keep an eye out for these guys and check out our interview with them.

BS: To start simply, what is the Oxymorrons?

Oxymorrons: Oxymorrons is an alternative hip hop group that consists of two vocalist, a DJ and drummer. We love to bring together a variety of genres when creating music!

BS: What made you want to make hip-hop music?

Oxymorrons: Being a kid in a urban environment, hip hop is the most popular genre that you are exposed to. Falling in love with the sound made us curious to see what would happen if we put our own twist to it.

BS: Now your music isn’t the typical sound when people think hip-hop, how would you describe your style of music?

Oxymorrons: Well, growing up we loved to listen to so many different types of music that we really could not pick one sound. So we thought, what if we blend all genres? We could create a whole new sound. We call that sound “Klasher music” also known as alternative hip-hop.

BS: What musicians have inspired your music and why?

Oxymorrons: So many musicians give us inspiration. I guess we would have to say groups like OutKast, N.E.R.D, Queen etc., because for their time they were making music that didn’t fit the norm. They where considered “Aliens” just like us.

BS: Why do you feel people should check out your band?

Oxymorrons: I feel people should check out our band if they’re looking for a fresh new sound.  Our music is truly a reflection of who we are. If you really want to get to know us, check the music! Let’s become friends through sound.

BS: You have received support and acknowledgement from such big names in music such as Travie McCoy of Gym Class Heroes and Jay Z.  What does their support mean to you?

Oxymorrons: Receiving their support was a big deal. Naturally, receiving support from anyone is huge. But getting it from you “idols” is amazing. We are attempting to make our dreams become a reality, so gaining their support was priceless. We will never forget what they did for us.

BS: Have they been able to offer any advice that has helped you guys along the way?

Oxymorrons: Yes they have, from Just C over at RocaWear telling us to stay Alternative and Gym Class paving the way of acceptance for our sound. We’ve gotten outstanding advice just from acquiring these great opportunities.

BS: What has been your most memorable experience or moment so far in your music career?

K.I: My most memorable moment in our career was when we were on tour and once we got of stage people rushed us asking for pictures and signatures. We love our fans so receiving love back is always great

Deee: I’ve met lots of celebrities but meeting Jay-Z I would have to say is the most memorable moment in my career. I member thinking to myself oh shit this Jay-Z the great Rapper Alive!!!! I’ll never forget that day.

Photo courtesy of the Oxymorrons
Photo courtesy of the Oxymorrons

BS: You recently released a new single called, “Alone” what does this song mean to you? [song at end of interview]

Deee: For me it means the world. It’s my feelings 100% unfiltered about losing a very close friend… wait I would say my brother Danny. So through words and sounds I’ve played my part in insuring his energy lives forever.

BS: What was it like making the video for it?

Oxymorrons: The video for “Alone” was amazing. We shot the video with Jasmine Williams and she put our feelings on to the screen. It’s always a great time working with Jasmine, she’s family.

BS: To reach back a little further you have a song called “Learn Somethin’” that seems to have a powerful message.  What was the inspiration behind this song, and what did you want listeners to take from it?

Oxymorrons: When we wrote Learn Somethin’ we were going through a rough stage. We felt like the world was coming down on us. Pushing through the fire we rose above our obstacles. The message we want people to take from the song is no matter what you can fly.  A zero can be a hero.

BS: For those who have never seen an Oxymorrons show, how would you describe it?

Oxymorrons: If you never been to an Oxymorrons show, I would have to say your missing out.  It’s pretty much a rager, so much energy, such a good time!

BS: Are there any plans for a tour in 2013? What details can you give us on it?

Oxymorrons: All I can say is yeah and you will have to wait and see!

BS: With summer festivals starting to be announced, are there any specific ones you would like to be a part of?  Or are excited to go to yourself?

Oxymorrons: We would love to be a part of every Festival but of course there are some Fav’s Like Afro-Punk, Lollapalozza, Bamboozle, Coachella Just to name a few. Honestly I’d go to any festival they are always a great time.

BS: What do you hope to accomplish with your music?

Oxymorrons: With our music we want to change lives our family, friends and the people around the world.

BS: Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

Oxymorrons: We love you guys, thank you for the support and there’s a lot new Oxymorrons stuff on the way. It’s going to be a great year!



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