Q and A with Pick Up and Run

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Pick up and Run is a band that is gaining a lot of steam through their emotionally charged tunes and infectious energy. This band is looking to break out with their new single “Can’t Trust Myself”. Barebones Ent sat down with the bands to chat about their music and future. See what all the band had to say below!

Photo courtesy of Pick Up and Run

BS: Why should people check out Pick Up and Run?

PU&R: If you love, fun, emotionally charged music with on stage energy to match then check us out!! 😉

BS: What do you think it is about your band that fans are able to relate to so much?

PU&R: The lyrics are based on real life events that can pretty much happen to anyone, not too mention the fun beats and music to dance to.

BS: Do you feel your band is always musically evolving or do you feel you have an established set sound?

PU&R: Our music we create is definitely always surprising us, if that is the definition on evolving then yes. We definitely have our own sound I would say.

BS: How did your EP Struck come together?

PU&R: We worked closely with a producer/ recording engineer named Diego Ruelas. We recorded our album Live at East West studios and did overdubs/ vocals at Capitol Records.

BS: How did you choose the 6 songs on it? What made those stand out to you?

PU&R: It was a process of elimination, we either had to adjust some songs or throw them out when working with our producer. We just finally went with the ones that we loved the most.

BS: What made you choose “Can’t Trust Myself” as the single?

PU&R: “Can’t Trust Myself”, is a masterpiece in its own right, we just loved the way it came out and the energy it creates.

BS: How have people reacted to the single?

PU&R: We have had really positive reactions from new friends we meet on live interview’s, shows, and social media. It definitely inspires us to keep going and just dive into our music more.

BS: What are your goals with this EP?

PU&R: We want to share our music with as many people as possible and make life long friends to join the Pick Up And Run family.

BS: What is next for you?

PU&R: We would like to have a full length self titled album by summer with several more singles on the way. We also want to start playing as many shows as possible and start touring soon. Also do a couple music video’s.

BS: What is the best way for people to reach out to you?

PU&R: Contact us anytime at any of these links. Or email us at – theband@pickupandrunmusic.com





BS: Anything else you would like to add?

PU&R: Stay tuned in with us, we have some big things that are going to be happening soon… We are just getting started!!




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