Q and A with Pop! Fiction

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Photo courtesy of Pop! Fiction

Barebones Entertainment got the opportunity to interview our first ever pop band, Pop! Fiction.  The band is made up of vocalist Justin Tyler, Michael Maughan on guitar, bassist Collin Masiel, and Tyler Nichols on drums.  This young band produces some really contagious and energetic music for you pop loving ears.  Take a look at what they had to say.

 BS: How long has Pop! Fiction been together as a pop band?

Pop! F: In spirit we have been together for lifetimes. But in reality we have been together for a little over a year now.

BS: What made you want to form a pop band or do you feel you fit better in a different genre?

Pop! F: We have all been in different types of bands before this, ranging from punk rock, to hip-hop. We all kind of felt that Pop fits us best. We listen to it everyday on the radio so why not play the kind of music that you love.

BS: For readers that are not familiar with your band, what would you say your songs are typically about?

Pop! F: Our songs are typically about girls, love, being young, and having fun.

BS: What is the usual song writing process like for you guys?

Pop! F: We usually come up with a concept or and idea for a songs, write the chorus and then the rest of the song just kind of naturally writes itself.

BS: What bands have influenced your music?

Pop! F: Justin Bieber, Jay Z, and Queen

BS: You guys have been part of some pretty big tours, is that correct?  What has that experience been like?  And who were some of those bands you toured with?

Pop! F: We were on Warped Tour the last two summers and it was amazing, we got to travel across the country and make new fans. We also did a tour with Burham (Island/Def Jam) and that was awesome as well. Touring is fun for us and we definitely can’t wait to get back on the road.

BS: What do you feel the response was like generally for your band from these audiences?

Pop! F: You can’t hate pop music because pretty much everything has an ounce of pop in it. People were definitely shaking their booties to our music.

BS: If you could tour with any band who would it be and why?

Pop! F: It would probably be Kanye West or Justin Bieber. Why not is a better question? We like to shoot for the moon. 🙂

BS: I did see a picture of Kanye West sporting one of your shirts, what was that like to have such a big name wear your merch?

Pop! F: Ohhh this is great story. It was soooo amazing and we wanna say thank you to him being so inspiring to us.

BS: You have quite a few music videos out, have you been signed or have you done all of the videos yourself?

Pop! F: We have done all of the videos 100% ourselves. We are not signed so everything that we have done so far as a band, from tours to music videos, has been done by us.

BS: What one has been your favorite to shoot and why?

Pop! F: Our favorite shoot was our “Brightside” video. We got to shoot in a huge 20 Million dollar mansion and act like rappers. What more could you ask for? [Video directly below]

BS: The new lyric video for “What If?” Is really good.  I like the interesting take on the lyric video it’s very different than what I’ve seen before.  What made you want to do it that way? And how did you accomplish it? [Video at end of interview]

Pop! F: We were on Vans Warped Tour this past summer and we knew we wanted to do a lyric video. We thought that since we are meeting hundreds of people every day; why not use them in our video. So we wrote on their hands and filmed it. We just used sharpies and an iPhone to film the whole thing. It let the fans be in our video and we love our fans.

BS: What is in the coming future for Pop! Fiction?


BS: Anything else you would like to say to your fans?

Pop! F: We love each and every one of them. We like to be super personal with our fans because we feel many bands don’t really care. Just so you know we do… and we read every single tweet and post that gets sent to us. 🙂

With big dreams, Pop! Fiction is moving forward with their music and hopes of reaching the moon.  Keep an ear out for this band in the future.  To make that easier head on over to their Facebook page and give them a like at: https://www.facebook.com/PopFictionMusic.  You can contact them on Twitter @PopFictionMusic. 

Photo Courtesy of Pop! Fiction


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