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Rauli V has been on quite the journey to get his music out to the world, and has been putting his stamp on the scene. Through diverse songs that have a little something for everyone he has been able to reach new heights. BareBones Ent got the chance to sit down with Rauli V and discuss all this and much more.

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BBE: You have a great genre-blending style. How would you best describe it?

Rauli V: The music I’ve been putting out as of late reminds me of what originally got me into playing guitar in the first place with some spices I’ve picked up along the way. Honestly, though, I’m an Afro-Latin PunX and my music collides chaos and culture…that’s all!

BBE: Is this always the type of music that you have made or has it changed over time?

Rauli V: Originally it was all Rock but as the years passed I’ve found myself getting lost in soooo many soul and Latin records which continue to inspire me. It only made sense to play what was naturally oozing out of my heart. 

BBE: What is the biggest thing you have learned through creating music?

Rauli V: You can’t do it alone. Although it’s easier to move when you are only worried about yourself when it comes to creating a movement, cultivating a community, and being sustainable you need a squad. PLUS you make extra brownie points when you flip the script and become your team’s biggest cheerleader too! Those moments are my favorite when I get to cheer them on!

BBE: You recently released a new EP, Breathe. What was the creation of the EP like for you?

Rauli V: Creating it was one of my biggest accomplishments, to be frank. Although this EP only displays 4 outlets of expression on it there is a lot more going on behind the curtain. This EP taught me how to self-produce music, create visual pairings, and pushed me outside of my comfort zone bending the genre barriers that we exist within. 

BBE: Is the finished product what you had envisioned at the beginning or how did it change?
Rauli V: Lord no! I never even thought I was going to release this music at first. It was just an idea that snowballed into something remarkable. I’ve never sang the way I speak in any song which might sound weird but I would keep myself restricted in the past because I would also think about “who will hear it” and that fear of not being accepted. This time around I threw it all out the window and made something my younger self would be proud of. Between trap beats, r&b vibes and singing/rapping in my native tongue with rock sprinkled between all that, there is a lot to look forward to with the changes. 

BBE: Did all the songs you created for it make the EP or were some left off?

Rauli V: There were 3 tracks left off to be specific with a purpose. Yes, you will hear these songs eventually however I did this in an effort to take in my changes into something easy to swallow. Lately you either get 20+ songs on an album or over 13 singles in a year because that’s just where music is today. Trust me I’m not gonna be the guy who complains about what works and what doesn’t but what I will say is I’m just locked into my marathon, that’s all. 

BBE: Do you completely dismiss songs that didn’t make the cut for this release, or do you hold on to them for possible future releases?

Rauli V: Never that! My hope is to release a “deluxe” edition that has those tracks so you can have something to come back for. I want to make things special for anyone that truly enjoys what we are doing. IDK, Maybe a tape-based release on Bandcamp or some future vinyl would be cool too.  

Breathe EP cover art

BBE: How have fans reacted to Breathe?

Rauli V: I’ve been floored with the support we received since the release. So many new people have been discovering these tracks organically and the more we support it with visuals the more new listeners keep engaging on social media or even locally in person.

BBE: Is there a song that fans have really connected with that may have surprised you?

Rauli V: “Can’t Feel” is the track everyone has been raving about which surprised me. For a song that repeats the same live drum loop for a little over 3 minutes, you don’t even feel it by the time the song is done. I thought it would be 2nd on everyone’s list right behind “Bonnie and Clyde” but it has been doing its thang. 

BBE: What song is the most fun for you to play? Why?

Rauli V: For me, “Bonnie and Clyde” is the funniest one due to its energy. From start to finish it runs at 10 and everyone will be able to feel the same rush we do everything we play it live especially when that breakdown hits!

BBE: What is next for you?

Rauli V: Live music, New music, and more visuals! Our first show ever happening at Launch this year, new visuals coming in as soon as this week and new music coming out once May hits! So get hype!

BBE: What is the best way for fans to reach out to you and stay up-to-date with you?

Rauli V: You can go to www.rauliv.com and sign up for my newsletter immediately! Other than that, tap in on TikTok/IG/Youtube and if you want to get some real-time action I’m always on Twitter too! (@RauliVMusic)

BBE: Anything else you would like to add?
Rauli V:
Thank you to everyone that believes in the purpose behind this project thus far. Let’s keep grinding and stay tuned for the next release in May. It might just give our haters EnVy…

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