Q and A with Rival Town

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Rival Town is a killer pop punk band out of Canada. These guys have been working hard at getting their names out there even more, and it’s been working. This band is poised to really blow up, and we couldn’t wait to work with them! Check out what all Rival Town had to say when they talked with BareBones Ent.

Photo by Jeremy Sobocan

BBE: For listeners that haven’t heard you before how would you best describe your music?
We consider ourselves to be a pop punk band. But on a broader horizon, we definitely dabble in post hard-core and straight up pop music. We’re sort of a Neapolitan of the pop punk spectrum I think!

BBE: What are some bands of that genre or style you look up to?
Everyone of us definitely has different influences, but as a collective band we definitely look up to artists like The Wonder Years, In Her Own Words, Hit The Lights, Underoath, Silverstein, A Day To Remember.

BBE: So I discovered you first through one of your band members TikTok pages with “Swear Jar” playing and knew I needed to work with you. What has TikTok meant for your band?
It’s kind of weird how that whole thing came to be. We’re all pushing our late 20s early 30s so we were neglecting TikTok as the new social media platform taking over the world. I imagine the guy you saw, was Chris. From what I gather, his girlfriend was using the app all the time so Chris just sort of got into it secondhand. “Swear Jar” getting as popular as it did, was completely a fluke, but we couldn’t be happier from the response. Once we realized the potential to reach out to a whole new audience and fan base, we knew that we needed to collectively work together and utilize the app before the next big thing comes along.

BBE: How have viewers responded?
People have been really cool to us. We’ve noticed our Spotify and Apple Music numbers spiking like crazy. A lot of really nice personal messages, lots of merchandise sales. Really, the entire experience has been positive.
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BBE: What goals do you have on the platform?
We’ve been trying to push ourselves pretty hard on the platform. We’re dropping a brand new single February 19, so getting as many people interested in our band as possible is a huge goal right now. Obviously it would be super cool if some massive record label noticed us or something, but in reality, we just want to meet new people and expand our fanbase so we can bring more people out to shows in the future.

BBE: What type of other creators do you watch and why?
Personally for me, I kind of just scroll through the “for you page” and if someone’s spikes my interest, I follow them. It’s great seeing how creative people get when promoting themselves. We’re all about that.

BBE: I have been listening to your music on Spotify a lot and love it. How hard is it on a platform like Spotify to get your music to listeners or on playlists?
The first couple of years when we started, Spotify was basically a creepy old graveyard for us. No one really seemed to care that we were there. We dropped an EP a few years ago called Make It Work, and for some reason a few of those songs just started popping up on huge curated playlists. After that, the majority of our singles or releases seem to hop on playlists. I always suggest the bands submit their songs at least a month advance. 

BBE: We are still going through a pandemic with many people left home. How did that impact the band creatively?
We took a huge hit like most bands when the pandemic started. All of our touring plans were up in the air, our scheduled releases kind of went kaput. The one benefit though, is it gave us time to step back and sort of rewrite who we wanted to be and what we wanted to release. Our last couple singles were written during the bulk of the pandemic and I believe they’re honestly some of our best work. We’re sort of trying to focus on writing the catchiest bounciest songs possible right now. I’m sure at some point you’ll see us writing super sad stuff again, but right now the world is sad enough. We don’t need to add to it.

BBE: How did you overcome any challenges through it?
Our band has been through a lot throughout our run, so a pandemic just seemed like the next natural thing to affect us. We are a fairly strong unit though and even during miserable circumstances, we try our best to push forward and look at things through a growth perspective.  Even when we fight or feel like giving up, we usually step back, breathe and just squash the beef. We know what we want as a group, and we continue to push towards that goal.

BBE: Hopefully we will be out of this situation before too much longer. What are your goals for this year? 
I always try to answer that question in a perfect world circumstance. So in a perfect world, we plan on dropping new singles usually once every two months along with music videos and online content. Right now if the world opens up again, I think we’re looking to go on a long tour in October mainly focusing on the United States and portions of southern Ontario.

BBE: I like to ask bands, what advice would you offer to people starting out in music? Even a kid picking up their first instrument. 
In the beginning, don’t make the goal “blowing up”. Have some fun, experiment with your instrument, don’t put yourself in a box. Once you gain more confidence, look for people who share the same goals and interests and see if you mesh as a band. The best advice I could give any band looking to put out music, is invest in proper recordings and mixing engineers. Don’t cheap out on your image because it’s incredibly important to your audience. Every little detail counts when trying to get ahead of the pack. 

BBE: What is the best way for fans to reach out to you?
We’re pretty easy to get a hold of! We usually respond to every message we get through social media. Facebook/Instagram/TikTok are easy ways to get in touch with us. Or if you’re looking to work together, email us at rivaltownband@gmail.com.

BBE: Anything else you would like to add?
Thanks for reading our interview! Stay safe during the pandemic, wear your masks and keep rocking. See you all on the other side.

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