Q and A with Rockett Queen

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Photo courtesy of Rockett Queen
Photo courtesy of Rockett Queen

Rockett Queen is a rock band out of Tyler, TX.  The band has seen some great success throughout their career earning the title of “The Best Unsigned Band in America.”  The band is made up of guitarist and vocalist Walter Lee, lead guitarist Jay Scars, bassist Chaz Graves, and drummer Seven.  BareBones Ent is very excited to be working with such an awesomely talented band.  Check out what Rockett Queen had to say when they talked with BareBones Ent.

BS: How long has Rockett Queen been together?

RQ: Rockett Queen has been around since 2003 with a few lineup changes since then. This current lineup has been together for almost 2 years now.

BS: You have had some great recognition for your band.  Can you talk about some of your accomplishments?

RQ: We’ve been fortunate enough to accomplish many things in our time as a band.  We’ve played with some great artist including many stops on the Vans Warped tour. We’ve also been featured in the move “John Tucker Must Die” as well as having a spot on the soundtrack. We’ve had our music featured on shows on the MTV network as well as releasing records in the U.S. and Japan. But mostly we’ve accomplished the almost impossible feat of staying a band for over 10 years in what could arguably be considered the hardest time in history to be a musician. LOL

BS: What are you most proud of with Rockett Queen?

RQ: Probably see the question above, to survive 10 years of Rock n Roll is no easy feat.

BS: What was it like for you to hear your song in the movie “John Tucker Must Die”?

RQ: That was a fantastic feeling to be chosen for something so big. At that time it was definitely the biggest thing we had ever done.  (Video below)


BS: How did that opportunity come about for you?

RQ: We entered an online contest on a whim and kinda forgot about it. Then right around the end of the contest they called us to tell us we had WON!! We were very surprised to say the least.

BS: Your music seems to have kind of evolved over time, what do you think brought this about?  Was it about just growing as a band?

RQ: It was definitely about the growth of not only the band itself but [also] the band members. We had all been thru so much that it brought things to a much darker more mature place. With that happening the music got a lot more aggressive as well.

BS: How do you feel you set yourselves apart in the Tyler, TX music scene, and music as a whole?

RQ: I can’t really say how we stand apart in Tyler, TX but in general we try with anything we do to give 100% of ourselves. Weather it be a live show or songwriting.  We’ve been known to throw an exciting show from start to finish that the whole crowd can connect with and we’re very proud of that.

BS: You have so many great songs to choose from, but I really love the song “To Be Loved,” its awesome! What is the story behind this song?

RQ: Thank You!! That song is really every man’s worst nightmare, haha.  It’s about the feeling of knowing you’ve screwed up a relationship and now she’s free to go out and experience what else is out there, if you know what I mean.  (song at bottom of interview)

BS: Last folks heard from you is on the 2011 EP Goodnight California, when can we expect to get some new music from you?

RQ: We’re currently working on a brand new record tentatively titled “Light The Fuse” and we couldn’t be more excited about it. We’ve been traveling back and forth to Nashville, TN working with a fantastic producer/songwriter named Zac Maloy (Shinedown, Theory of a Deadman and Skillet). This record is by far the best thing we’ve ever done. It should see a release in 2014.  (Can’t wait!)

BS: What are your favorite songs to play live and why?

RQ: Oh man, there are so many. Right now I’m really digging one off the new record called “Red Light”. It’s a fun one for sure

BS: Are you currently working on any tours?  What information can you give us on upcoming shows?

RQ: We’re doing a lot of regional one offs right now while we finish the new record. As soon as that’s finished we will start routing for a full support tour for the new record.

BS: What is it like for you to see all of your fans come out to your shows and come up and talk to you?

RQ: It’s the single best feeling in the world. To have so many people connect and get so much enjoyment out of us doing what we love to do is extremely gratifying.

BS: Anything else you’d like to say to your fans?

RQ: Thank you guys for the continued support without YOU there would be no us. You ARE part of the rEVOLution.

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