Q and A with Ryan Mack

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Ryan Mack is a talented pop singer and songwriter that has been building a great following on TikTok through his music. We first heard Ryan singing on TikTok, and knew we had to work with them. Take a stroll with us below as we chat with Ryan about all things music!

Photo Courtesy of Facebook page

BBE: When did you know you wanted to make music?
From a very young age I knew I loved music. But from the age of 13 I began writing and that’s when I Knew I would wanna do it forever!

BBE: What is the first song you can remember singing for anyone?
I remember singing “You Found Me” by The Fray when I was younger and my friends always loved it!

BBE: What do you feel it takes or that you’ve had to do to really make a go at music?
I feel it takes consistency! Like anything in life. Not everyone is gonna like everything I do but as long as I’m consistent the people who do like it will find it!

BBE: How would you best describe the music that you make?
It’s definitely pop! But with a slight edge. I like to sing about the truth too which I think people enjoy!

BBE: I know it’s like choosing a favorite child, but which song of yours do you feel has been the most rewarding for you personally? Why?
I think “Broke” without a doubt! It’s allowed me to develop a global fanbase on TikTok and Spotify which I am eternally grateful for!

BBE: We discovered you on TikTok through your videos about your song “Broke”, which we loved. What has the TikTok experience been like for you?
It’s been amazing! It was tough at first because my videos weren’t doing well but then it all started moving in the right direction! But the key is I’ve always enjoyed it and been consistent!

BBE: How do you feel it has helped grow your audience?
It’s unmatched. I’ve grown 450K followers. 50% of which are in the US. And I haven’t even left my room or ever been to the US!

BBE: Speaking of “Broke” how have fans reacted to the full song?
Everyone is loving it which again I am super grateful for! It seems like they all relate which is great! But not great that they’re broke haha!

BBE: What plans do you have for this year on the platform to try and continue to grow?
Just constantly grow my fan base and give them the music I’ve been working on! I hope to put on live shows when it’s safe to do so too!

BBE: 2020 was a rough year for many people with the pandemic. How do you feel it impacted you creatively?
I feel I really learned a lot and took good from such a devastating year! I learned how to produce my own music and how to use my time wisely!

BBE: Are you currently working on more new music?
Always. Everyday I try to write and use the creative side of my brain! I feel like it’s a muscle that when you use correctly can grow rapidly!

BBE: When can fans hope to hear that?
I’m gonna be releasing a song a month. So pretty soon haha!

BBE: What is the best way for fans to interact with you?
I think Instagram Dm’s are great and TikTok comment section! I love talking to everyone!

BBE: Anything else you would like to add?
Just a big thank you to everyone who supports me and my music! Without you I couldn’t do this! And thank you for the interview! Really appreciate it 🙂

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