Q and A with Sea Swallowed Us Whole

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Photo by Laura Lee Images
Photo by Laura Lee Images

Sea Swallowed Us Whole is a hardcore band out of Utah that is ready to set the rock world on fire. Take a look at what the band had to say when they sat down with BareBones Ent!

BS: For someone who hasn’t heard you before how would you best describe Sea Swallowed Us Whole?
A groovy, melodic twist on a bouncy, heavy sound.

BS: What is it about the band that sets you apart from other bands in the scene?
What we get the most feedback on is the way we incorporate the melodies of Chris’s voice over heavier parts in a not-so-conventional pattern.

BS: What are you currently listening to?
We’ve all been really stoked on The Weeknd, all of his albums are amazing.
Darke Complex, Schoolboy Q, Barrier, Banks, Childish Gambino, Sylar, Architects, The Neighbourhood, Amity Affliction, Polyphia, In Hearts Wake, Lana Del Ray, A$AP Rocky.

BS: What is your all time guilty musical pleasure and why?
We don’t think enjoying any certain kind of music or artist is ever a bad thing or something to feel “guilty” about.
But for maybe some artists we like that may be unexpected; Snarky Puppy, Frank Sinatra, Madonna, Shania Twain.

BS: Well, you are killing it in our feature of “Who Did It Better”, for your cover of “Blank Space”. How did that cover come together?
To be honest, it came together really fast. We all really liked the song, then one day Devin told us, “Dude, I figured out how to play Blank Space!” So we decided to cover it. The next two days we were in the studio for hours and hours recording it so we could put it out quickly, and in that same week we shot the video for it.

Who Did It Better

BS: What does it mean to you to know you have such a large support system from your fans?
It means the world to us. We’ve all spent years previously in bands or in this band where no one would give us the time of day, but we did have a small, core following. Now to see the band gaining such a dedicated and growing fanbase that love what we’re doing as much as we do is incredible.

BS: You have a debut EP out right now. What was the creation of that EP like?
The EP was a whirlwind. We had just started working with our vocalist Chris, and were getting in the groove of writing together. We had never written songs around clean vocals at that point, and none of us had spent so much time recording in a studio. We were exploring so many different outlets of sounds and genres trying to find what fit us. It was a really long, but very rewarding process.

BS: What was the biggest challenge that you didn’t anticipate?
Probably the same issues most artists face, creating something that you fall in love with that has its own, unique feel to it. Staying innovative in music while still keeping it relatable.

BS: What are your goals for the rest of the year?
We’re currently writing a new record, and it’s an even bigger progression for SSUW than the EP was. We’re really excited for it, so that’s going to be coming out this year. Once it’s out, we’d love to start touring the US again. We haven’t made it out to the East Coast much, so we’d be really stoked to get out and play there!

BS: What would be your dream show to play?
SSUW: The Reading Festival in the UK! That was all our first thought when we read this question. They always have such an awesome lineup, and it’s such a huge event! We would be awestruck if we were to play it one day.


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