Q and A with Seek Irony

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Photo courtesy of band Facebook page
Photo courtesy of band Facebook page

Seek Irony is originally a band from Israel but has called Austin, TX home for a few years now. The band has been making their mark on rock music with their recent single, “Devil in Me”. Check out what these guys had to say when they chatted with BareBones Ent!

BS: How long has Seek Irony been together?
Rom and I, being brothers, began playing and writing music together since our early teens. Seek Irony as a band has been active in Israel for about 10 years to the point where we were playing big festivals and drawing big crowds. While being based in Israel, touring opportunities in the US started coming our way, but were too much financially to make happen so Rom and I decided we have to relocate the band to the US to take things to the next level. We picked Austin, TX to be our new home base here. We moved to Austin 2 years ago and were lucky to have great new American band members join us. New members Alex Campbell (Guitar), Adam Donovan (Bass/Misa Tri Bass) and Mikael Oganes (DJ/EFX/Synths).

BS: What was the transition from Israel to the States like?
I’m sure you can imagine, any relocation of any kind is challenging. Seek Irony was already playing big crowds back home and Rom and I were already successful independent musicians/leaders in the Israeli music scene. I’m also a music producer so I owned one of the leading recording studios back home and Rom was a successful drummer for hire for half the music industry there so through this transition we had to restart our lives from scratch in a new place where we barely knew anybody or anything about.
On the other hand, we both strongly felt we hit a ceiling in Israel with our professional music careers so we felt like the change was inevitable for us. We built a new recording studio in Austin called “Evil Snail Studios” which is developing nicely and found amazing super talented musicians/members to join the band. This is definitely the best version of Seek Irony in all its years of existence and now after playing venues all over Texas this past year, we’re finally starting to pack up 300-400 capacity venues like we used to do in Israel. Difference is here in the US, the sky is the limit, so we’re excited to see how things develop over the next years to come.

BS: You have a nice blend of different musical influences. How would you best describe your music to people who haven’t heard you before?
Seek Irony is a Hard Rock/Electronica Dance Music band. Our fans best describe our music as a mixture between a loud live rock show and a dance rave party where you dance and bang your head.

BS: Your song “Devil In Me”, has a very powerful video. How did the concept come together?
I remember Kfir and I just sitting one night together brainstorming about the script for the video. We came up with the idea to have several characters from different levels of society who don’t know each other, but would be somehow connected through different kinds of addictions.

Kfir: The song is about addictions, whether it is drugs, alcohol, gambling or a love infatuation. So we came up with an idea that could portray several addictions through different characters. We felt it would be really strong that all the characters would be somehow connected and that the story would begin and end with the first character which would show a vicious circle of addictions. The idea was to show that addictions don’t only hit the addicted, but also creates destruction among the people close to them. I think we wrote the whole concept in an hour and half of brainstorming. [Check out the video at the bottom!]

BS: Can you walk us through the creative process for the song?
What’s interesting about “Devil in me” is that usually when I write a song, lyrics come last in line. We usually start a song from a guitar or synth riff, or an electronica beat which inspires a melody within me and then I live with it for a while and kinda figure out what the song means to me and only then I write lyrics for it.
In this song, while we were in the studio writing the very basic scratch electronica beat and guitar riffs, the chorus melody just sparked in my head with those words “You are, you are the devil me, taking over”. Right then, that pretty much defined what the song was about for me. I think I wrote the whole song the following day.

BS: You released your debut album, Tech N’ Roll, earlier this year. What was the making of that album like?
haha long! We’ve been writing and recording this album forever. Probably a process of 6 years. I think we wrote like 50 songs for this album and ended up picking the best 11 tracks. We recorded some of the songs on Tech N Roll back in our studios in Tel Aviv, Israel and some of the songs in our new studios in Austin. Some of the songs were written and recorded with our former Israeli band members and some with our new American band members. We’re so happy to finally be able to share it with the world. It’s been a long time coming.

Kfir: I would also like to give a shout out to Phil Anderson of Powersound studios in Canada for mixing the album and Maor Appelbaum in LA for mastering it. Both did a tremendous job!

BS: How have fans responded to the album?
Amazing! So far we’ve been getting nothing but great reviews on the album – both by fans and by press/industry. The best compliments that fans are giving us is that Seek Irony can’t be compared to any other band out there and that we inspire them. That’s the most we can hope for.

BS: You have been moving up the music charts. What does that mean to you?
It’s incredible, I don’t think anybody expected an album by an unsigned band would get picked up by over 60 radio stations nation wide within the first week of its release. It’s very humbling to see Seek Irony on the charts alongside to some of our favorite bands. It’s all very exciting.

BS: If you could have wrote any song in history, what would it be and why?
“Smells like teen spirits”/ Nirvana – Simply because it was a very unique sound with a very strong message that against all odds inspired a whole generation.

Alex: “Moonlight Sonata no.14 n C# minor”/ Beethoven – because few pieces of music have ever been so recognizable and influential.

Mikael: “Every breathe you take”/ Police – Sting still gets paid like $750 a day just from that one song, right? 😉

BS: What is next for Seek Irony?
We are now shooting another music video for our 2nd single off this album “Peel me away”, aiming for a release in April. We’re playing shows all over Texas, we have over 15 dates ahead of us and more shows are getting booked. We’re planning on expanding soon also to the neighboring states Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma, just trying to grow in the old grass roots style. There are talks about a national tour later in the year but I can’t say anything just yet.

BS: Anything else that you would like to add?
Just want to say thanks to all our fans out there! Thank you guys for your ongoing support. You inspire us to continue doing what we love and we hope we get a chance to meet all of you out there at our shows.

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