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It has been a long 5 years since we last worked with our friends in Set It Off, and they have been keeping busy. Feels good to reunite with a band that truly helped build BareBones Ent, and we can’t thank them enough for the years working together. Take a stroll with us and check out all of the catching up we needed to do when we sat down with Set It Off.

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BS: So it’s been a while since we talked last. How have you guys been?

SIO: We’re doing well! I feel like we’ve made the most of the pandemic shut down and came out writing a bunch of songs that we’re in love with and we’ve gotten even closer to our fan base via streaming and online content. Things could be a lot worse. 

BS: Thinking about it I think the last time we interviewed you was Warped Tour in San Antonio one year, instead of our usual stop in Dallas, with Maxx and Zach. The interview only went 5 minutes and stopped abruptly because I couldn’t hear anything you were saying and my vision cut out. Only time I’ve almost passed out. I don’t think I’ve had a chance to explain what happened there. But anyways it’s good to chat with you guys again.

SIO: Just glad to know you’re ok! 

BS: Before we dive in to what you have coming up. In a semi-related note Midnight was fantastic. We absolutely loved the album, and “Happy All The Time” is just an anthem. Being a couple years removed from the album now, how do you and how do you think fans still feel about the album?

SIO: We are still incredibly proud of Midnight and wouldn’t change a thing about it if we could. I know our fans feel the same way, that album was a resurgence for us. It has our strongest songs to date, until this next album comes out. 

BS: So speaking of Midnight you have Midnight (The Final Chapter) coming out before too long. What made you want to revisit the album and group Midnight, After Midnight and some new acoustic versions of songs off the albums?

SIO: Since we couldn’t tour on this album for as long as we wanted to due to the world shutting down, we wanted to give this album cycle it’s full shot. It also allowed us to highlight some other songs that didn’t get as much love throughout the initial release process, which was nice. 

BS: Is there a certain song that you are excited for fans to hear a new take on?

SIO: I think my favorite one is probably the acoustic version of “Lonely Dance”. I never really get to show off a more subtle and relaxed mood to my voice, and this allowed me to do so. 

BS: You recently released an acoustic version of “Killer in the Mirror”. The original version of the song can be more aggressive and intense while the acoustic feels so powerful in another way. How did you approach re-envisioning the song?

SIO: I wanted to take the anger and redirect it into reflection and sadness. So we slowed down the tempo and focused on more organic, orchestral-based elements to accomplish that. 

BS: I have such a love of acoustic songs and the intimacy of them. The acoustic version of “Killer in the Mirror” almost feels like a whole different song. How much of a challenge is it to take a Set It Off song that typically have so much energy and power behind them and rework them to acoustic?

SIO: At this point it’s become somewhat easy for us because we have experience doing it, but it’s honestly a blast to do it as well. There’s something so satisfying about keeping the same song but entirely changing the way people see it. 

BS: After a little while of not having new music out there and the world in such a weird state were there nerves of just an overall excitement before putting the song out there?

SIO: No nerves at all. We were very confident that people would resonate with these new versions and we were just excited to put new music out there in the first place. 

BS: How have fans responded to it?

SIO: They love it! The response has been overwhelmingly amazing!

BS: As I mentioned the world is still in a weird place as we are still going through a pandemic, though there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. How do you feel the pandemic affected you creatively?

SIO: I think it made me work harder than I’ve ever worked before. When faced with a challenge, I feel like that’s where I shine the brightest. I’m a very competitive person and I saw this as a competition with myself. 

BS: Did you pick up anything new during the quarantines?

SIO: I started streaming on twitch for the first time and had a lot of fun doing it. It really brought me closer on a personal level to so many more of our fans, they really got to know me for me. 

BS: One thing we have been watching that you guys started is the “Talk It Off” podcast. The podcast is awesome and hilarious, you guys have been doing a great job with it. What made you want to start the podcast?

SIO: Thank you! We did a digital live show and had a VIP Q&A, during that we started our usual rants and people seem to really like it and were laughing, so we figured, what if we tried a podcast? It’s been a lot of fun, and honestly just an excuse for us to get together and catch up/crack jokes. 

BS: How has it been going for you? Has there been anything that surprised you doing it?

SIO: I now know that setting up a podcast and tearing it down in a single day is extremely time consuming, but in the end if you’re having a really good time making it, that’s all that matters. 

BS: I will say I am positive I was one of those interviews at first, and I apologize haha. But no every episode has been great, and you guys looks like you are having a blast. Where can fans check it out?

SIO: Haha no worries at all! If anyone’s interested in checking out our podcast “Talk It Off”, we are available on all podcast formats and on our Set It Off YouTube channel as well. 

BS: I’ve seen you guys have released some tour dates, and are hoping to get back on the road before too long. What goals do you currently have or what’s next after Midnight (The Final Chapter) that you are able to talk about?

SIO: Tour tour tour tour and tour! Obviously we have new music in the works, we can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been working on. For me, I just can’t wait to perform in front of a live audience again. 

BS: In all seriousness you guys are some of the first friends in music I made, and are always a pleasure to catch up with. You all finding me at shows and coming up to talk definitely made my wife think I’m cooler than I am, so I can’t thank you enough, haha. I know your fans are definitely hoping to see you back on the road soon. Anything else you would like to add?

SIO: Thanks for having us again! Nothing more than sit tight and get ready to have the craziest shows from us you’ve ever seen. We’ve been cooped up for too long and we’re ready to let loose on stage. 

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