Q and A with Seven Circle Sunrise

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Photo courtesy of band Facebook page

Seven Circle Sunrise is a hard rock band out of Ohio.  With strong lyrics and some Christian influence this group is set to take the world by storm.  The band is made up of Veno Xavier on guitar and vocals, Jerry Lee on drums, and Nate King on bass and vocals.  Take a look at what the guys had to say when BareBones sat down with them.

BS: I can sense so many different elements in your music, what type of music would you say it is that you make?

SCS: I would simply say hard rock. I don’t think too much into that aspect of my writing. I play the way I play and my influences are obvious. I’m more into the messages of my writing rather than the sonic platform they sit on.

BS: What is the story behind the name Seven Circle Sunrise?

SCS: It has to do with a symbol of sacred geometry called the seed of life. I’m a man of many layers and one of those layers is that I truly believe if a person opens their mind and follows where these seven circles lead them they in turn open themselves up to enlightened; or rather the sun will rise and awaken them.

BS: Do you pull the inspiration for your music from real life experiences or is it more story telling?

SCS: Real life experiences. There’s enough story telling and misleading media out there. I like to keep it real.

BS: Now if I understand this correctly, you are technically a Christian band?  What part, if any, do you feel that your faith plays into your music?

SCS: My faith is very apparent in my life and in turn shows up in my writings. Without going into details I would simply say I’m a Christian Gnostic. We’re are by no means a worship band and I would not want to mislead anyone into thinking we were cause they would surely be disappointed. I choose to write about the “deeper” things in my life and I also choose not to curse, or glorify sex and drugs. I want parents, and people of any age group to be comfortable listening to SCS and know their children aren’t be subjected to negativity and bad morals.

BS: Can you walk us through the creative process behind the making of a Seven Circle Sunrise song?

SCS: Man, that’s a tough question. I’ve written songs in so many different ways. I don’t really have a set way. But my favorite is when a single line falls in my lap and somehow magically the rest just falls into place. These are more rare. Most of it is just coming up with subject matter and writing as much as you can about it. Then like a puzzle you fiddle around and try to narrow it down to a single thought and get the pieces to fit just right. Sometimes it can be so fluid and sometimes it feels laborious like digging ditches.

BS: What types of bands have influenced the type of music that you make?

SCS: Nirvana, and the 90’s grunge era in general, and of course newer bands like Foo Fighters, Seether, Shinedown, and Three Days Grace.

BS: What types of bands have you had the opportunity to tour with?

SCS: Over the last year we’ve played with Incubus, Slash, Sum 41, Foxy Shazam, Crossfade, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Egypt Central, and Burn Halo.

BS: Have you had any memorable experiences on any of these tours?

SCS: Ask any band on tour, every single day is a memorable experience. I just enjoyed meeting so many great people from all over the world. Nothing like it.

BS: I’ve seen that on some of your shows you actually perform some Nirvana, which I’m a big Nirvana fan, so what made you want to include these covers during your shows?

SCS: Nirvana was a huge influence on me in my teens and was the reason I picked up a guitar. I don’t see too many good Nirvana covers out there so I try my best to do them justice.

BS: Are there any bands that would be a dream for you to get to go on tour with?

SCS: Foo Fighters.

BS: Your album, Beauty in Being Alone, came out in 2011.  It has some great songs on it.  Was there a common theme or message you were trying to get across through the album?

SCS: If there were a single video covering the idea of the whole album “Beauty in Being Alone”, it would revolve around my mother’s death and trying to heal not only my wounds but somehow heal hers as well. It would contain several childhood flashbacks and references to a few negative influences in my life at the time.

BS: I really like the song “Dead Love Letters” a lot.  What was the inspiration behind that song? [song at end]

SCS: It’s a true story dealing with two separate conversations I had with an ex-girlfriend. The first was her calling me to tell me she cheated on me. The second was a year later when out of the blue she called me to tell me how sorry she was. I was living in a van at the time and had a box full of things from her and I really didn’t want to just throw it all away. I didn’t really know what to do with my box of “dead love letters.

BS: Can we expect to see another album anytime soon?

SCS: In the process of writing it now.

BS: Do you have any big news you can release? Or what do you see in the near future for the band?

SCS: We do have a lot in the works but I don’t like to speak too soon. SCS has a long road ahead.

BS: Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans or people that haven’t had a chance to hear you yet?

SCS: Remember the truth can never be harmed by questions and it’s better to focus on the message not the messenger. Always seek the truth. Too many people are relying on too few sources and we as a culture are losing are ability to think for ourselves.

You can currently get a free download of their debut album here

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