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Situations is a rock band out of McAllen, TX.  Their songs come at the listener loud and hard.  This young band is made up of Chris Flores on vocals, Andrew Vela on guitar and clean vocals, Ono Zarate on guitar, drummer Marco Alvarez, and bassist Andrew Mena.  Take a look at what these guys had to share with BareBones Ent.

BS:  How long have you guys been together?

Situations:  A little less than a year.


BS:  What different techniques are you using to try and stand out in rock music today?

Situations:  We try and stay as current as we can within a music scene that’s constantly changing.  We generally like to keep an aggressive approach with each song, aggressive riffs, vocals, and electronics.  All of this while adding our own spice and style to each song we compose.


BS:  I see that you guys are from Texas; do you play a lot of local shows?  Is there a venue that you frequently play at?

Situations:  There’s quite a bit of venues around here that hold multiple shows on a weekly basis but right now our main focus is writing.


BS:  Have you been able to go on any tours? If so, where all have you played?

Situations:  Not as of yet but we’re hoping to get that opportunity some time very soon.


BS:  If there was any band you could go on tour with who would it be?

Situations:  Any bigger band really.  Sharing the stage with a bigger band would help get us more exposure.


BS:  What type of a following have you built?

Situations:  Honestly, we can’t really narrow it down to a specific type at the moment.  All that really matters is that there is a following, and hopefully one that’s growing.


BS:  What do you think has been the biggest help in building your fan base?

Situations:  Our Facebook, twitter,  youtube,  and our friends.


BS:  You recently released a new single, Self-Disclosure, what has been the response like to that song? [Video below]

Situations:  Since the release we’ve gotten some of the best feedback we’ve ever received.  We love all the great things people have to say about it.

BS:  Are there more songs that people can check out from you that are currently available?

Situations:  As of now Self- Disclosure is the latest one we released but they can refer to the band page on Facebook or our youtube channel to listen to the rest.


BS:  Do you have an EP in the plans to be made?  When could fans possibly see that?

Situations:  You can count on it!  It’s semi in the works right now.   We’ll make an announcement as soon as we figure out what exactly we’re going to put in it.


BS:  Is there anything you would like to tell your fans or people that haven’t heard you yet?

Situations:  Big thanks to everyone for spreading the word about us!  We can’t tell you how important that is to us.  For those that haven’t heard us yet.  You can check us out at:



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Here is one of their newer songs:

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