Q and A with Tempt

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New York band, Tempt, are trying to make their name and carve out their spot as the future of rock. The band is made up of vocalist Zach Allen, guitarist Harrison Marcello, bassist Chris Gooden, and drummer Nick Burrows. BareBones Ent got the chance to sit down and chat with the band. Take a look below and see what all Tempt had to say when they met with BareBones Ent.

Photo by Eric White

BBE: How long have Tempt been together?

Harrison: Zach and I have been working together since we were 18. So that’s been a bit.

Zach: That is a while! Harrison and I actually met when a producer I was working with, Jack Ponti, said I needed to find my partner in a similar manner to the Glimmer Twins or Joe Perry/Steven Tyler. He pointed me to a Youtube video that Harrison had posted and we both lived in New York City and got together.

Harrison: It’s odd that we had never met before because we both independently knew our drummer, Nick. While Zach and I worked together for a bit, Tempt really wasn’t born until we got Nick and Chris on board. That was about 4 years ago.

BBE: You guys have a great sound. Has this always been the type of music you wanted to make, or has your sound changed over time?

Harrison: When you get serious about being a musician, you can’t help but be drawn to the great musicians and great bands of the 60s, 70s and 80s. These were the golden decades. If you’re a guitar player, you’re naturally going to be drawn to Jeff Beck or Randy Rhoads or EVH. Drummers are going to rock to Bonham or Peart. Producers are going to listen to Mutt Lange.

Zach: Singers will listen to Paul Rodgers or Steven Tyler or Steve Marriott or even Michael Jackson.

Harrison: So of course you can’t help but be influenced by this. At the same time, as an artist you’re putting your own experience and heart and soul into what you are writing and playing and this creates an ever evolving sound.

Zach: And you are being influenced by what you hear around you from Max Martin to Synthwave to Queens Of The Stone Age.

Harrison: So our playlist can go from Rush to The Midnight to Kanye to Def Leppard to Britney Spears.

BBE: What do you want fans to pull from your music?

Zach: We want our fans to have fun. We’re a band with a lot of positive energy and I think we pass that on to our audience.

BBE: You recently released a song called “Living Dangerous”. What was the song writing process for that song like?

Harrison: Our process in general is very collaborative. A song can start in a lot of different ways. It could be germinated from a riff, a lyric, a melody, even an idea or concept. Living Dangerous started with a guitar riff that Nick came up with.

Zach: It was one of the songs that you hear about that just writes itself. It was completed very quickly once we got started on it. It was the song that really took us to the next level professionally.

Harrison: Our friend, the rock journalist Malcolm Dome heard it and loved it and sent it to a number of people including our managers so it is fitting that it is the first single.

BBE: Did you always intend to have a feature on it, or was that something decided later?

Zach: The feature was an idea that the record company had. It was suggested after the track had already been finished, mixed and mastered. We are a new band with a following that is based in New York City. With COVID in full force and no touring the label were looking for a way to expand our fan base and suggested Dorothy.

Harrison: Dorothy is managed by Chris Nilsson of 10th street who was actually instrumental in getting us signed after he heard some of our songs being mixed by Chris Lord-Alge. So it was a really organic connection that brought Dorothy into the song.

BBE: What was it like working with Dorothy on it?

Zach: We were very nervous about it. A song is your baby and we had finished this song. It was done. So we approached this idea with a lot of trepidation. We were so wrong because Dorothy was just wonderful. She got the vibe and delivered a performance that took things to another level.

Harrison: She was also great during the video shoot. She’s a part of the Tempt family now and we hope we can do something with her again. Maybe a live show!

BBE: How have fans reacted to the song?

Harrison: The reaction has been great. Our core fans have been waiting for this release for a long time. We’ve had this record finished for over a year and had the entire schedule delayed because of COVID. So I think they’re happy and I know we’re happy.

Zach: We’re also gaining a lot of new fans so I think it is being received well.

Photo by Marc Seliger

BBE: Now if I’m correct this song is for a horror film, The Retaliators. What can you tell us about the film?

Zach: We’ve only seen the trailer of the film and don’t even know how, where or if the song is being used! So we are really in the dark about it.

Harrison: We didn’t write the song for the film but it seems to fit nicely.

BBE: How did you get approached about providing a song for the film?

Harrison: Our label, Better Noise Music is a very forward thinking company and they are always looking for unique content opportunities for their artists. After the success they had with the Motley Crue biopic, The Dirt, they started a dedicated film division. Our label president, Allen Kovac suggested that the song be used in the movie after the first time he heard it with us in the studio.

BBE: How did the band initially react to it?

Zach: We’re all for it. Any opportunity like this that exposes the band and the music to potential fans is great. There has always been a synergy between rock music and horror movies so it’s a very natural fit.

Harrison: It also gave us an opportunity to release something from the new album as well.

BBE: What are you currently working on?

Harrison: We’ve written and produced an entirely new album.

Zach: Yes, we did put the COVID time to good use.

Harrison: We’re also preparing for touring in 2022!

BBE: What is the best way for fans to follow the band and see what you are up to?

Zach: We are on all social media known to mankind as Temptband (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter) and follow us on Spotify.

BBE: Anything else you would like to add?

Harrison: We’re looking forward to seeing everyone out on the road and hope for a return to normalcy soon.

Zach: We can’t wait for everyone to hear the album!

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