Q and A with The CMDWN


BS: How did The CMDWN come together?
Through mutual friends of ours, and out of newfound musical interests of SSUW. Everyone involved decided it was time for us to really try something new, and take on a new perspective on creating music.

BS: How is this band different than Sea Swallowed Us Whole?
We’re focusing on developing our taste in music that is outside of our heavy influences that first brought us together. Everyone one of us is adventurous musically, and we wanted to act on it. So we’re creating our own sound and what we want to hear, rather than re-creating someone else’s.

BS: Have fans responded well to the change?
It seems like it’s been really positive! A lot of people were surprised by the new turn in direction, but if you knew us personally it wouldn’t seem that crazy at all, given what we all listen to.

BS: You guys have been hard at work putting new music together. What has it been like to be back at it?
It’s been so fun, and really interesting! Our manager is really great and believes in us, so that’s brought a lot more interesting opportunities and situations for us. And with the new sound, it gives us a huge bank of different ideas and styles we can work with.

BS: When you’re writing do you listen to anything or do you like it to be silent? If so what have you been listening to?
It usually starts with an idea one of us comes up with and then someone else will hear it and run with it in their direction, and then someone else. Then the end result is not what we started with but a part of all of us. We don’t keep it silent but just what we are working on.

BS: You have already released 2 singles. What did it mean to you to get that new music out there?
That we put the new shape of our musical passion out for the world to receive or reject. It’s really exciting!

BS: When can fans hope to get their hands on more music?
No specific dates yet! But more new music will be coming very soon.

BS: Whats next for The CMDWN?
We’re working on a new record still, trying to make it exactly what we want. Besides that, just getting out on the road again!

BS: Anything else you’d like to say to your fans out there?
We love you! Thank you to all that stuck with us and welcome to all the new ones!

Bryan Swann

Bryan Swann

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