Q and A with The Dollyrots

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Photo courtesy of The Dollyrots
Photo courtesy of The Dollyrots

The Dollyrots are a fun punk rock band out of LA. The band has seen a lot of success touring with bands and good friends Bowling For Soup, and many others. Their latest album, Barefoot and Pregnant, was a fan-funded album made through Pledge Music. The album is great and after you read this interview go check out our review and pick up the album! The band is made up of Kelly Ogden on vocals and bass, and Luis Cabezas on Vocals and guitar. Check out what The Dollyrots had to say to BareBones Ent.

BS: Well this has been a busy couple of months for you. What has the album release been like?
TDR: Whooo. Well, the term whirlwind sure makes sense to me right about now. Putting out an album is always exciting but this time it’s even more special… recorded it with the help of our fans, had a brand new baby and are back to playing shows! Doing our own physical distro also means we’re pretty much buried in cds, vinyl, shirts and packing materials. Sorry Mother Earth.

BS: What was making this album like for you?
TDR: Making this album was one of the most awesome experiences of my life. I think Luis and I have really hit our stride as partners in songwriting and being pregnant gave us an actual due date for this record. That meant less overthinking and more extreme emotions… happiness, terror, love… all of it just felt that much more intense. It was almost like being 17 again.

BS: Barefoot and Pregnant was fan-funded, what do you think this adds to the album and/or album making process?
TDR: This is our second fan-funded album and it’s the best way to make records for us. Knowing the fans support what we do without even hearing a note gives us the inspiration to keep going and also makes us accountable to something bigger than the two of us. We want them to be happy they pre-ordered the album so we HAVE to make it good! It’s also really fun having them along for the creation of it… we started the Pledge campaign as we started writing so they were hearing demos and snippets of songs from the minute we were writing them. It’s really nice to not be in a creative bubble the whole time questioning what you do.

BS: We really enjoyed the album. What has other fan response been like for it so far?
TDR: Yay! So glad you did. It’s been an overwhelmingly positive response. From fans and new people just finding out about this “new” band. Hahahaha! Honestly it’s my favorite record of ours so I’m not entirely surprised. For so many fans our first album Eat My Heart Out was the favorite… and I get it. My favorite albums from a lot of my favorite bands are the first albums so we wanted to think about what inspired it and think about how it felt and make another album kinda like that one. For us it meant simplifying things a bit and not worrying too much about any of the parts.

BS: I’m going to ask you a tough question. What is your personal favorite song on the new album and why?
TDR: Ahhhh! That is tough! It changes here and there… I’ll say it’s a tie between “Get Weird” because it has a different feel and the lyrics are so much fun to sing and “Nightlight,” we wrote that one for when our new baby River goes to sleep away camp. 😉 (Video at bottom)

Photo courtesy of The Dollyrots Facebook page
Photo courtesy of The Dollyrots Facebook page

BS: For folks that may have not heard of your band, how would you best describe yourselves?
TDR: We’re an honest, youthful, smart, sweaty, sometimes sarcastic band you can scream along to at the top of your lungs. We want to know our fans and we want them to know us.

BS: What bands have been the biggest influence on your music and why?
TDR: There are the bands we grew up listening to and learning how to play guitar to: Nirvana, The Ramones, The Donnas but the biggest influences have been the bands we’ve toured with. When you get to watch bands who have been doing it for sometimes twice as long as you, play live there’s just so much to take in. We’ve stolen moves, banter ideas and style from Joan Jett, Bowling For Soup, Buzzcocks, The Go Gos, The Muffs, and The Breeders. Those are the biggest influences.

BS: You guys have shared the stage with some great bands. Which has been your favorite and why?
TDR: Bowling for Soup. We practically lived with them in a bus for 2 years and they were two of the best years of our lives. They introduced us to so many new fans and have become brothers to us. It’s a very special bond. We’re band married. 😉

BS: What would be a dream band for you to play with? And why?
TDR: We still haven’t played with Green Day! That would be awesome. Growing up in a small FL town we found out about Green Day when they hit it big with Dookie but then we checked out their back catalog and discovered Lookout! Records and a whole bunch of bands we would end up loving. When we signed to Lookout!/Panic Button for our first album it was a dream come true. We were finally one of those bands. It was the coolest. They’re responsible for us learning about so much rad California punk rock.

BS: What is something about yourselves that may surprise fans?
TDR: Take us off the stage and out of our Dollyrots mode and we’re actually pretty shy. Being in the band has made us really open up!

BS: Anything else you would like to say to fans out there?
TDR: We <3 you. See you at the shows and of course see you online. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIFG7c3fydk

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