Q and A with The L.A. Maybe

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The LA Maybe is a killer rock band from the Carolina’s that is tearing up the scene with their mix of modern and classic rock sound. This is a must watch band as they are well on their way to being all over. BareBones Ent got the chance to chat with Dallas Dwight about the band. Come see what all he had to say when he sat down with BareBones Ent.

Photo courtesy of The LA Maybe

BBE: You guys have an awesome sound. It’s a really cool mix of modern and class rock. How did you know this was the direction you wanted to take the band?
It happened super naturally. This just happened to be the music we all like and like to play so we gravitated towards it and once we found a sound that worked us, we stuck with it.

BBE: What is your goal with your music?
We want to take The L.A. Maybe to the very top…and hopefully not stop there. For now, back to work. 😉

BBE: When you are writing are you typically more telling a story, or writing from personal experiences?
It depends and could change from song to song. I rely on both pretty equally.

BBE: Do you feel that correlates with the audience you have build? Why is that?
As long as you the fan feel something when you hear our music, or relate to it in some way, then I feel we’re doing our jobs!

BBE: You recently released a music video for the song “Oh Sugar”. That was super fun video to watch. How was the filming of it for you?
Out of all the videos we filmed thus far, it was the most enjoyable. For obvious reasons, I’m sure. We filmed at Player 1 Up (a barcade in our hometown) and they treated us like family. It was a very relaxed environment and we had a blast creating that video.

BBE: I have to ask. If you go to an arcade what is your go-to game?
For me, anything Star Wars for sure. I’m a massive Star Wars fan.

BBE: How have fans reacted to the song and video?
The fans reactions have been overwhelmingly positive and it’s been amazing to see.

BBE: You recently released your album, Dirty Damn Tricks, how has the response been to the overall album?
Also overwhelmingly positive. And I do mean overwhelming. We received a ton of press and reviews. We never expected that!

Dirty Damn Tricks Album Art

BBE: What was the creation process like for you in recording this album?
The creative process for DDT was incredible. We recorded the entire album ourselves, completely DIY and through that process we were able to connect to these songs on a deep level. Spending hundreds of hours getting everything just right tends to do that. 

BBE: If you could only play one song for a new listener to make them want to listen to more of your band what would it be and why?
Probably either of the first singles “Mr. Danger” or “Sucker Punch”. Those were designed to capture the listener in that way and that’s why we chose to lead with them!

BBE: What is next for your band?
We’re working on tons of stuff. We’re releasing videos for every song on the album, monthly. We’re working on building our own podcast studio to host the official LAM podcast “Your New Favorite Band” from, weekly. We’re hard at work planning tours and ways to get in front of you all…very soon!

BBE: What is the best way for fans to reach out to you and stay up to date on your music?
The absolute best way is to sign up for our email list (lamaybe.com/signup) or just head to our website (lamaybe.com) to find us on whatever social or music platform you’re on.

BBE: Anything else you would like to add?
We can’t wait to get out and play live for all of you!!

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