Q and A with The Runaround

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Photo courtesy of band Facebook page
Photo courtesy of band Facebook page

The Runaround is a rock band out of Norwich, CT.  The band has been together playing music since 2010, and in May just released their debut full-length album, Without All the Weight.  The band consists of Mike Cookson on Vocals and guitar, Colton Mabry on bass and vocals, guitarist and vocalist Cameron Schaen, and drummer Mackenzie Christensen.  Read on to see what the band had to say when they sat down with BareBones Ent.

BS: How would you best describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?

TR: The Runaround’s music is very honest. All the songs are about things that actually happened or feelings that are real. We take sounds from all sorts of musical influences and put them into our own version or take on music. We have a lot of different songs from dandy songs to pop punk songs to straight up indie jams and we have heavier moments. Its music for people that love, music.

BS: If you could only use one song to tell them about your band, what one would you choose and why?

TR: Usually I would decide what to show them based off their musical interest and find the song I felt fit most what they’re into. But if I wasn’t allowed to know what they listen to I would chose “Making Something Out Of Nothing.” It’s the last track on Without All The Weight and it basically is a summary of the whole record. I think there is a little bit for everyone in that song.

BS: What makes the chemistry between the members of The Runaround so strong? 

TR: The Runaround has a very close bond, we’re all very different from each other, but the same when it comes to our values in life, and we all have a lot of the same problems that we help each other out with. We’re actually all best friends and we see each other literally every day.

Knowing that any of my band mates would pick up the phone at 4 am if I needed them definitely helps us play music better together. We’re all on the same page and have a strong communication. I think being in a band over time you go through a lot of different things, and when you’re on tour and you really need someone and they’re there that’s when you know you got the right dudes in your band.

BS: What elements do you think you bring to your music that fans like so much?

TR: I think people like our band because of our refreshing original sound. We don’t sound like any other band and our fans have expressed how that makes us stick out and why they keep listening. We try very hard all the time and I feel our fans know that and they also know that we’re not bullshitting our music or who we are as people. We’re very genuine people who never change based on peoples opinions. The music is equally as genuine. We also try our best never to have any boring moments in songs, nothing is ever “good enough” we would never release a song without knowing we put everything we could into it, while keeping everything natural at the same time.

BS: Where do you draw the inspiration for your songs?

TR: We draw all of our inspiration from every day vibes in life, from a cup of coffee that’s just right while your fav song comes on the radio, to the bad vibes of having people leave your life. It can be anyone or anything honestly.

photo courtesy of The Runaround
photo courtesy of The Runaround

BS: Can you walk us through your typical writing process?

TR: Our writing process has changed every time we’ve written music. Most bands have a plan for how they write we do things different all the time. Every song we’ve ever written has been written in a different way from the others. Some I record at home on my computer and just bring it to band practice basically finished while other songs could be written entirely at one band practice at random. We jam a lot, so a lot of the songs start as jams that we turn into songs. But yea we’re always trying new things.

BS: Earlier this year you released your debut full-length album, Without All the Weight. What was it like for you to be releasing a full-length debut?

TR: It was the hardest thing any of us have ever done. We went through a lot while recording that album, a huge learning curve. Gary Cioffi pushed us to our limits and we had a ton of unexpected troubles on the way. But when the record was done and we had it in our hands we couldn’t be any more proud that we stuck through it. The cd release show for Without All The Weight was something none of us will ever forget. It’s been definitely been an adventure. But it was worth every second.

BS: What types of responses have you received on the album?

TR: We’ve been surprised by the response to record. We’ve had people message us on twitter saying how they were going through a hard time and that our record was helping them get through that time. There was a big change in sound from our EP so it was a shock to a lot of the fans but from the responses it was a good change and we’re really stoked at all the support we’ve received for the record.

BS: Your first single was “Annie Can’t Wear Heels to Prom,” what is the story behind the song and the unique song title?

TR: “Annie Can’t Wear Heels to Prom” was the first song I wrote after recording the EP. It was written very quickly and is about jealous people hating on you for doing what you’re doing. That song just says hey we don’t care if you hate us we’re never going to stop doing what we love. The song title comes from a night at Mohegan Sun casino. It was prom season and I over heard a girl laugh and say, “Haha Annie cant wear heels to prom!” I turned around to see a very tall girl standing next to a very short guy. I thought it was the funniest thing and it connects to the song in the sense of we’re Annie, and we’re wearing heels to prom no matter what you think.

BS: You currently don’t have any shows set up. What are the plans as of now for possibly touring or playing some shows?

TR: We are currently booking up for August; we have a show with Sparks The Rescue in Providence, RI the 16th. We took July to recuperate financially because we paid for the record and tour ourselves. We plan on touring as much as possible off this record and will be doing a lot of New England Weekend runs for a little while. We want to focus on New England before we try to go on a huge tour. We take small but sure steps and I’m sure we’ll be getting out of New England more Towards the end of this year beginning of next year.

BS: Anything else you would like to say to your fans?

TR: We all want everyone who shows interest or supports this band or our music to really know how appreciated they are. We are very well aware that without them we’d be nothing. Be on the lookout for us coming to a city near you, come to a show say hi! Thanks for your time.

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