Q and A with The Silver Comet

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The Silver Comet is an alternative band based out of Atlanta, GA.  This up-and-coming and talented band have made a splash in being announced as one of the bands who will be touring the nation as part of the Vans Warped Tour 2012 line-up.  The band consists of lead singer Parry, Jo Jo with rhythm vocals, Ben on lead guitar, Dustin on Bass, and Philip on drums.  The following is a Q and A with the band:

Me:  How long have you been together as The Silver Comet?

Parry: 1 Year 9 moths 


Me:  I hate generalizations, but if you had to put the band in a specific genre of rock what would you say?

Jo Jo: Soul Infused Alternative Rock


Me:  What is the typical song writing process like for you?  Does everyone participate or only one of you?

Parry: I typically sit down at the piano with a melody in my head and a few chord ideas. After I work it out a bit I usually bring it to the guys and we build from there.


Me:  What are some bands that you have preformed with already that readers may know?

Philip:  3OH!3, Yellowcard, The Hollywood Kills, Chiodos, Far East Movement


Me:  What musicians or bands have influenced the music that you make?

Everyone: Led Zeppelin, Sum 41, Blink 182, Linkin Park, Victor Wooten, John Mayer, Brandi, Foo Fighters, Sly Stone, Lenny Kravitz, Coheed and Cambria, Underoath, Michael Jackson, Kings of Leon, 


Me:  What are you guys currently listening to?

Dustin: We’re all still listening to our main influences plus any and everything you could think of. We range from the hardcore scene to the super indie to Country to top 40. We’re really open in general, which has a huge influence on our music. Atlanta’s scene is so diverse its hard not to get into everything because there’s so much good stuff out there.


Me:  Do you typically like the same groups or do you each have different tastes that go into the Silver Comet creative process?

Everyone: We all have pretty different taste as far as our personal listening goes, but we all share music when we’re together so our taste is constantly expanding; we all have similarities.


Me:  Are you still currently not signed to a record label?  Do you feel that makes the coming up tour more important for you or gives you an opportunity to be signed?

Ben: Nope, no record deal. It gives us the motivation to prove our selves.


Me:  Is Warped Tour the first nationwide tour you will have been on?

Dustin: Ha! It’s not only our first nationwide tour. It’s our first tour EVER.



Me:  Have you had many more fans contact you after the announcement that you were going to be on Warped?  Has it been positive?

Jo Jo: Definitely, we’ve gained new fans and lots of curiosity.


Me:  Any of the other bands reached out to you and offer any advice or anything?

Parry:  We’ve run into a few Warped bands since we got announced and they’ve given us a few “road tips”.


Me:  Of the bands that are going to be on Warped with you, who are you most excited about playing with or meeting (you can name more than one if you want, I know it can be difficult to narrow down things when it comes to music)?

Everyone: Yellowcard, Taking Back Sunday, For Today, Dead Sara, and Lostprophets 


Me:  Who would be your dream band to tour with or even just play one show with?

Everyone:  Foo Fighters, Incubus, The Script, U2


Me:  What is the Silver Comet Warped Tour Fundraiser?

Philip: It’s us asking our friends and fans to help support us by donating to our tour fund. The money will help us offset the huge tour cost we face. As a small, new band we don’t have a lot of money or a label to buy all of the things we need for tour (van, merch, gas, food, lodging, liability insurance) so we’re reaching out to our immediate support system. 


Me:  How can people help?

Parry:  Anyone who wants to help can go to thesilvercomet.com/warpedtour to donate. ANY donation helps! People can also join our Street Team on Facebook (Team TSC), and help spread the word by tweeting, facebooking, or word of mouth.


Me:  Anything else you’d like to add?

Everyone:  Thank everyone who has supported us.  We looked forward to seeing all of you and meeting lots of new people on Warped.


Donations are always appreciated in helping this great band on their way to Warped.  The Silver Comet are pretty frequent on Facebook and take the time to often respond to fans who post on their wall, and answer questions (or ask other wonderfully random questions of their own).  I thoroughly enjoy the band, and wish them the best and am anxious to meet and see them on Warped.

To pay this band a visit you may view their Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/thesilvercomet.

To hear some of their songs you may take a look at some videos on YouTube like the following: 

The Silver Comet – End Of Me

And finally they do have two EP’s that can purchased on the iTunes store called House of Music and My Fear of Flying.  Which I do own both of them, and they are equally fantastic featuring different styles on each EP.

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Brian Swann

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