Q and A with To Live As Wolves

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Photo courtesy of band Facebook page

BareBones recently got the chance to sit down with To Live As Wolves vocalist Brandon Roman. To Live As Wolves is a post-hardcore band out of New York, that are poised to be drawing some real attention in the scene.  Get to know To Live As Wolves below, and then go give them a like on Facebook!

BS: How did To Live As Wolves come together?

BR: This band started way back in high school with me and former member Nor Omar, we wanted to form a project where we were free to explore our different influences. Alex had actually messaged Nor around this time asking if anyone was looking for a post-hardcore drummer and  luckily we were the ones in need for one. As for Shpunt and Frank, they’re both actually the guitarists from my older projects with Nor and  they came in soon after we finished writing the first EP.

BS: Do you have a general message that you would like fans to pull from your music?
BR: Your past doesn’t define you and your mistakes don’t define you. Move forward with a high head and know that we’re all in this together.

BS: In a crowded post-hardcore scene, how do you feel your band stands out?
BR: We have a lot of influences that we combine with our genre one second we can go from metalcore to progressive-metal to hardcore and back to post-hardcore we don’t let the genre we claim to be limit us and I feel that’s what gives us our own sound. We just play what we want to play and each song holds a very strong meaning to us.

BS: You recently announced your latest EP, Breakneck Road. What does this EP mean to you?
BR: It’s a realization and acceptance of the things I didn’t want to face that held me back.

BS: Let’s talk about that album cover. It’s pretty sick! How did this design come around?
BR: Thanks! We tossed around ideas and came up with the concept of the dark things we all hold and the parts of us that are ugly and wanted to make a direct vivid representation of us letting go of those things and those parts we enjoy having a hand in all aspects of what make the band.

Breakneck Road EP Cover Art

BS: On the EP, you did some work with Davey Muise of Vanna. How did this collaboration come together?
BR: I’m a fan of the band and I’ve gone to most shows they’ve played in the tri-state area I talked to Davey and he actually was the one who gave me Kevin’s (our producer)  info.  When we finally got that record recorded and released I handed it to him at warped tour and we talked for a bit and he then asked me if I wanted him to come work on our next record (BreakNeck Road) with us and well how could I possibly say no to that!

BS: What was it like working together?
BR: It was interesting to say the least. Davey has always been a huge influence of mine so to have him there was sick he wasn’t able to actually track while we were at the studio due to scheduling conflicts but we think him being apart of the record itself is just a super rad experience.

BS:You recently released your single, “Leech”, what made you choose that song as the single?
BR: We’ve been known to be a little more on the lighter side of heavy music we generally felt it’d be a nice shock to show fans that there are other sides to us that we’re only starting to explore leech is a very in your face and aggressive song and we hope to bring more of that feel into future material.

BS:  What song are you most excited for fans to hear?
BR: Personally I’m excited for fans to hear our track, “Stalemate”, it’s the first song we wrote cohesively as a band with the new lineup and it’s just got so much heart to it if you’re checking us out for the first time that’d be the song I’d want everyone to hear.

BS:  Anything else you would like to say to your fans out there?
BR: Come hang at a show with us talk to us go out and support your local scene too many kids try to act like they’re too cool to hang out at local shows. We don’t care about your expensive merch and we don’t care about your appearance. It’s all about the music and community so come be a part of ours and if you don’t have one start one. Us weirdos need to stick together

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