Q and A with Valerie Gentile

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Photo by CandyLust, Courtesy of Behind The Curtains Media
Photo by CandyLust, Courtesy of Behind The Curtains Media

Valerie Gentile is an established musician out of Brooklyn, NY with experience vocally and playing guitar in other bands. Her solo project has started out well with her debut EP, Love Is Luxury. After a successful stint on our Rad or Bad feature, we decided to sit down with Valerie and discuss her music. Find out what she had to say below to BareBones Ent!

BS: How would you describe your music for people who haven’t heard you before?
VG: I would call it dark pop. It’s mostly influenced by gothic, electronic and industrial music.

BS: What musicians and bands inspire the music that you make?
VG: My top 3 inspirational bands growing up would be Garbage, Mindless Self Indulgence and The Cruxshadows. They helped inspire me make music, for sure. If it wasn’t for Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit I probably would have never picked up a guitar. When is comes to music I write I never have an idea in mind. It’s usually whatever it is I’m listening to the time.
Right now I’m listening to a lot of Combichrist & Meshuggah.. So I figure my next batch of songs will either be really angry or very metal.
I’m a bit all over the place and can’t stick to a strict genre formula. I just want to right music I like because it’s fun. Having fun can be contagious, I want to spread fun.

BS: What would you like to your accomplish with your music?
VG: My goal in life is to support myself with my art and my music. It makes me really happy and I really enjoy sharing it with people.

BS: When you were a kid what was your dream? Are you living your dream?
VG: My dream is the same as my goal, to live off music. I would say I’m living my dream but haven’t reach my goal yet.
I do have a dream man and he always tells me its about the journey, not the destination.

BS: What made you want to put out a solo EP?
VG: I wanted a musical project to call my own and that no one could take away from me. I put out an EP first to get the ball rolling on my solo project because I feared
a full length album would take to long to get started. I am in the process of making a full length album now.

BS: How have people responded to the EP, Love is Luxury?
VG: Well, it came out almost a year ago. people are still buying and streaming it consistently. No one actually talks to me about it but I think it’s getting a good response.
I’m really happy people are taking the time to discover new music and are willing to help support the music I make. It’s pretty awesome to buy groceries with money I made from making music!

Love Is Luxury EP Cover Art
Love Is Luxury EP Cover Art

BS: You put out a new video for your song “Scarred”, what was the story behind that song?
VG: I wrote that song while I was getting ready to go on tour and play guitar with Everything Goes Cold. I found out about this tour a week before it started and I was living in LA at the time in a bad romance type of relationship. About 4-5 days before I left for tour, my boyfriend at the time, broke up with me and was trying to kick me out of our apartment. I wasn’t upset he was breaking up with me, I’m pretty sure I already hated him. It was the fact that he couldn’t just wait to get me out of the apartment. So I left for tour and returned to Brooklyn. The whole LA life just left a bad taste in my mouth from that relationship. Thats basically the story behind Scarred. I wanted to my ex to feel as shitty as he made me feel but at the end of the day I knew I was going to be fine. It’s not like it was my first break up! I wrote a neat song because of it. Everything happens for a reason I guess.

BS: In that video you feature our mutual good friend Mike Abiuso of SwitchBitch Records and The Venetia Fair. What made you want to put him in the video?
VG: Mike’s a good friend of mine. We went to college together and shared an off campus house together senior year. He’s one of the most talented guys I know! Plus he handsome, he can dance and has a great attitude! He was the first on my list to ask for all those reasons. He used to see me stumble home drunk from interning every morning in college while he was leaving for work. So I feel comfortable around him because he doesn’t judge, he only smiles and makes everyone in the room laugh.

BS: What was making it like?
VG: It was so much fun! We only had the studio for 8 hours, so there was a bit of a time crunch. I wanted to make a music video but I didn’t have the funds to make one. I reached out to fans on facebook and instagram for donations to help fund the video and in return their name would be in the credits. That worked out really well. I raised $700 which was able to cover all the major cost like the studio, lights and most of the props. The funding made the production go much more smoothly without the stress of a tight budget. My long time friend d. yee directed and shot the video. I’ve been making music videos with d. yee since I was 14. We have a great time working together, d. yee also did all the art work and took most of my promo photos. Everyone worked so well with each other and there was nothing but good energy in the air.

BS: What can fans expect to see from you next?
VG: I’m putting together a new album with my fiancé Abbey Nex. I’m hoping it will be out late 2014 – early 2015. I’m also hoping to tour as soon as possible but no solid tour in sight yet. So I’m doing a lot of one off shows.

BS: Anything else you would like to say to your fans?
VG: Thank you so much for supporting and listening to my music. I look forward to meeting you all on the road!

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