Q and A with Varna

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Photo by Maya Kay
Photo by Maya Kay

We got the chance to catch up with our good old friend Tiana Woods and the new members of Varna, Sean and Eddie. This band has been making some big moves lately and is ready to move on to the next level. Find out what Varna had to say when they chatted with BareBones Ent!

BS: It’s been a good while since we’ve talked. How’ve you been?
Been good! Excited to be in a new band!
Tiana: Doing better every day! It has been a unexpected and crazy ride with what has happened with the band but when we added Eddie and Sean, it definitely pumped a new exciting feeling into VARNA.
Eddie: Been great! Thanks for asking!

BS: What are you currently listening to?
I am currently listening to the new Papa Roach album, F.E.A.R on repeat, some new Daniel Johns and our mixes we just got back for our upcoming EP.
Sean: I listen to a wide range of stuff, so my rotations are sporadic. In the metal world, bands like: Gojira, Killswitch Engage, Times of Grace, Pantera, and Meshuggah. In the hard rock world, bands like: Audioslave. I’ve also been listening to some funk, a band called Galactic. Thats all been within the last couple of weeks or so! Haha!
Eddie: Lots of Protest the Hero, Foo Fighters, and Haywyre.

BS: Now we have been with you for a long time now, and there has recently been some new additions to the band. What do you feel the current line up has that fans should be excited about?
We’re bringing a new flavor to the Varna kool-ade. But it still tastes just as good!
Tiana: Honestly, I didn’t know what kind of reaction we would get from the fans because everything happened so suddenly. I was so happy that our #VARNAFAMILY welcomed Eddie and Sean with open arms. Our fans are such amazing people. I often have a hard time with members leaving groups, my own and other people’s projects, so we are so lucky that they were nothing but supportive and excited. I was so nervous about it.
Sean: Eddie and myself bring a lot of authenticity to the band. Were both extremely passionate about what we do, and wherever people want to hear us, we want to find a way to get there. Were not afraid to get our hands dirty and sweat out all the water our bodies have! I always like to say: If you ain’t cryin, you aint tryin!

BS: What do you think that the new members bring to Varna?
Eddie and Sean are excited, committed and are ready and willing to put in the hard work. We just did a mini tour in San Jose and San Diego and they both really impressed me. We had some crazy events happen and they just rolled with the punches. If you can do that as a band, the world is yours. Just having that new energy snapped me out of what I was going through and has pumped life back into me. I’m still trying to heal. They came as a package deal because they have played in other bands together, so I lucked out that we met through mutual friends.
Eddie: That’s an interesting question, considering I’m one of those members, but I’d say we bring an organic energy that sounds real but still hits hard.
Sean: Eddie and I have been playing in bands together for a couple of years now, ranging in genres from Blues, Folk, Indie, Reggae, Americana, and now Hard Rock. We even mess around with some Progressive Rock/Metal riffs that Eddie likes to write, so we bring a lot of chemistry to the band because we play together so much. Were both very knowledgable about our instruments and some of the “off the wall” things/sounds our instruments can produce because were such nerds about drums and guitar! Once we get writing some new stuff together, I have a feeling that the fans will be stoked about how the band has evolved!

Photo by Maya Kay
Photo by Maya Kay
BS: You’ve seen some big things happen for you from winning various awards, Warped, and having your video played in Journeys. What does all this mean to you?
Thank you so much for sticking with us!! We are so proud. A lot of those awards are the come over from all of our hard work up to this point. Eddie came in the band and made the connection with Journey’s, who loved our music and immediately put us in rotation. I used to shop there when I was a teen and hoped one day that my band would be playing in there. I went to my hometown store and brought along my childhood friend. It was a great but bittersweet experience and I can’t thank Eddie and the team at Journey’s enough. To have an unsigned band w/no management in 600 stores nationwide? Only Varna!
Sean: Well, all of these things happened before or literally just before I was added to the band, so it is definitely VERY cool that I was able to become apart of the band at this point in time!
Eddie: To me, it means that people like what we’re doing. That means the world to us!

BS: What are you currently working towards achieving next?
For starters, releasing our next EP! Next, I’m working on some exciting sponsorships!
Sean: We’re all the kinds of people that like options. So if a great opportunity comes up, and we all feel that it makes sense to pursue it, then that’s what we’re going to do. If it’s getting signed to a label, signing on with a management company, a tour, or a specific show etc etc then great! But we only pursue things that make sense for us.
Tiana: We have had so many obstacles with our new EP. Long story short, we are focusing on releasing the EP, single videos and planning a fundraising campaign to finally TOUR to see our beloved #VF!

BS: If fans could pull one thing from your music what would you want that to be?
They will always be able to count on our music emotionally to help them in their everyday lives.
Eddie: I would want them to pull a positive energy from it that gives them clarity, hope, and empowerment.

BS: What has been your best or craziest fan memory?
We are so lucky to have fans that care about what we are doing. Most recently, we had a fan of the band who has been following us since the beginning come out and drive 2 hours to see us on tour. We spent the entire night with him and he was absolutely phenomenal. It really made me emotional that we had that kind of impact on someone.
Eddie: We hung out with a fan who drove 2 hours just to see us play! He was awesome and a great hang!

BS: When can fans hope to get their hands on some new music?
We are hoping for an Oct. release date. We don’t have a set date yet because of everything that has been going on, but we are looking hopeful with that date.

BS: And see you in their city?
A date in Scottsdale Arizona has been set for October 30th. I’m sure the space in between those dates will be filled with more shows soon though!
Eddie: As soon as enough fans want us there!
Tiana: Most likely early next year, if the campaign goes well! One of our biggest goals is to tour and since we are a DIY band, most people do not realize how nearly impossible financially it is to do that. We can’t wait to get started on planning our next step! As for current dates they can always go to www.VARNAROCKS.com. We will be playing some dates in CA and AZ.

BS: Anything else you would like to add?
Eddie: Stay strong, positive, and don’t forget to have fun!
Sean: I hope to see as many fans as possible at our shows! Come on out and meet Eddie and myself! We’d love to talk to you all!
Tiana: Thank you so much for being so incredibly patient with us and welcoming the changes within the band. We can not wait to see you and we hope you like the new music!!!

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