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Virginity, a punk band out of Florida, recently released their latest album POPMORTEM and swung by BareBones Ent to chat about the release and what they are up to. Take a look below and see what all vocalist Casey Crawford had to say when he sat down with BareBones Ent.

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BBE: How would you best describe your music to new listeners?

CC: This writer friend of ours called us “Power Punk” which I really like. I mean, I would describe us as an alternative band for lack of a better word. We obviously have our roots pretty buried in melodic punk, but we love our pop hooks. There’s all sorts of indie rock and even hardcore influence in there too.

BBE: What do you think it is about Virginity that sets you guys apart?

CC: I think the wide array of influences that we pull from is what sets us apart from a lot of other bands. We’re a little older than a lot of up and coming bands, but there’s even an age disparity within the band. So the formative music isn’t really the same for any of us. There is some crossover, of course, but by and large we all just don’t listen to the same stuff and that informs everything we write. It may also be our downfall at times too because there’s not a super neat little box to put us in.

BBE: We were first introduced to you through your song “IamYOUareMEtoo”. How did this song come together?

CC: Like all Virginity songs it began with me (Casey) demoing a simple version of it at home. Where this one really took shape is in the studio. Jim (drummer, producer) and I were in the studio all day and at around midnight we started recording the end of IamYOU and it became this insane, sprawling outro with, like, 10 guitar tracks and who-knows-how-many vocal parts and spoken word and shit. I’m still pretty excited with how it came out.

BBE: We have to talk about that video. How did you come up for the idea for it?

CC: I mean, I’m just a huge Stephen King fan and the concept surrounding the book/movie Misery seemed to kind of fit the tone of the song in a funny way. It was also a great opportunity to involve my friend Kimber who I just love hanging out and goofing off with. Jim and I spent a whole night breaking down shots alongside the movie and figuring out ways to make it work on a shoestring budget. [It definitely worked!]

BBE: How fun was that for you to film?

CC: It was a blast! It took a whole day and I broke a rib doing a dumb stunt for it, but we had so much fun. I can’t remember a day recently that I’ve laughed as much as I did that day. 

BBE: This song is part of your recently released album Popmortem. How was the creation of the album for you?

CC: It was fun and also really hard. We spent a long time trying to get each song exactly where we wanted it. I’ve spent most of my time as a songwriter sort of being a “first idea, best idea” kind of person, and this time we really labored over everything and we’d build, breakdown and rebuild parts or even whole songs. 

BBE: Was this album created during the lockdowns or was it done prior? How did this hurt or help the creation of it for you? 

CC: So, we recorded this album because of the lockdown really. We had just released an ep right as the pandemic began and since we couldn’t play shows to support that, we immediately went back to work writing. We demoed it very separately from one another because we also couldn’t be together, which definitely had an effect on the record. Writing not in the same room is weird. I think it absolutely contributed to the sound of it overall, and in that way I think it helped it. However, I can’t say I necessarily want to repeat this particular process.

BBE: When it hits time to release the album what is going through your head?

CC: Well, we lived with this record for about a year totally completed before it came out, so we also lived—at least in my imagination—with every scenario the album could go through before it was released too. I can honestly say I didn’t really have any expectations for how it would be received by the time it actually came out. We were all definitely excited more than anything though. We worked so hard and we were just stoked to finally get to share it.

BBE: How have fans been reacting to the album?

CC: So far everyone that’s given it a listen and let us know has been overwhelmingly positive!

BBE: What is next for the band now that the album is out?

CC: Now we’ll play some shows and hopefully tour and spread the POPMORTEM gospel. We’ve also already been working on new stuff so there’s that as well!

BBE: What is the best way for fans to keep up to date on what the band is doing?

CC: I’m very active on Twitter and Instagram, which is @virginityisrad for both. 

BBE: Anything else you would like to add?

CC: I just want folks to know that we really did our best to craft the best songs that we could and we are really proud of them and hope that people will give em’ a shot!

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