Q and A with What Looks Like Crazy

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Photo courtesy of What Looks Like Crazy

What Looks Like Crazy is a pop rock band out of Virginia Beach. These hard working guys continue to do their best to bring the fans meaningful songs and push themselves to continue to better themselves. The band is made up of vocalist DJ Zaruba, Ford Wesson on bass, guitarists Allen Powell and Brad Pitts, and drummer Tanner Rigdon. Check out this interview with the guys!

BS: How long has What Looks Like Crazy been together?

WLLC: We have been together as this lineup for almost a year. The band is going on two and a half years old now.

BS: What is the best advice anyone has given you? Any great moments or advice from the producers you work with?

WLLC: The best advice anyone has ever given me was someone that I never for a minute took seriously. He said, “DJ, when you are out there chasing your dreams, just remember to be careful about who you surround yourself with. There is no place worse to be, than in a place where no one loves you.” I laughed the first time that I heard this, but two years after hearing that, I realized that this person was absolutely correct. I found myself in this place while I was living in Texas at age twenty-one when the only reason I moved thirty-two hours away from my friends and family left me alone and without closure. I had never felt more alone in my life. It was the worst three months ever. Luckily before I moved back home to Virginia, I was blessed to have met an amazing family in the Woodlands, TX that took me in and showed me what a real family is like, and what friends do for each other. I swore to myself that when I got back home I would never take my family and friends that really cared for me for granted again. This band is my family, and my best friends, and as long as I have them, I will never be in a place where no one loves me again.

BS: If you had to fit into any certain genre, what would you consider your style of music?

WLLC: We like to consider ourselves good old alternative music. Very easily fits in to both the pop, and rock worlds, making us a good “Alternative” choice for someone who likes both!

BS: What musicians or bands influence your type of music?

WLLC:The Goo Goo Dolls, The Maine, All Time Low, Maroon 5, Third Eye Blind

BS: What was it that made you want to make music?

WLLC: I originally started learning to play music to connect with my father, but quickly fell in love with it myself, and just never stopped playing or writing since I was twelve or thirteen. All the other band members grew up around it too and it just came naturally to everyone.

BS: What are your songs typically about?

WLLC: All of our songs are about real life situations that we have encountered, and how we dealt with them. In every song is a story, and in every story is a lesson about life.

BS: Where do you find your inspiration?

WLLC: The best answer for this question is another question. “Where don’t we find inspiration?” I have found inspiration in so many different places. Some you wouldn’t even expect to be considered a place to find “inspiration.” I have found inspiration at the bottom of a bottle, while in love, and even in the opposite of love (“Hate” is not a word I really like to use, and “Dislike” doesn’t sound very tasteful). I have found inspiration in friends, and even more in enemies. We find our inspiration in light, and a great deal of inspiration in darkness. Every moment that we experience in this gift that we call life is an inspiration to us. Every breath. Every laugh. Every tear. And every word is just another reason for us to keep singing, and keep writing.

BS: What do you think is more important in writing your music, songs that people can dance and sing along to or songs that people can relate to? How do you go about doing this?

WLLC: Both are equally important to me as a songwriter. That’s why you will be able to tell that the lyrics tend to get very personal, but we usually try to keep the music on the up and up, to keep a positive influence on listener’s ears = )

BS: What types of shows have you done or played on?

WLLC: We have played all sorts of shows. Opened for national acts, played festivals, benefit shows, morning tv shows etc. We just like playing.

BS: If you could tour with any band who would it be and why?

WLLC: We would really like to tour with Mayday Parade, All Time Low, The Maine, or The Cab because we think it would be a lot of fun to tour with bands like that.

BS: You’re single “Easy” is a catchy song, was there a specific situation that inspired that song?

WLLC: “Easy” is a song about girls who spend too much time chasing after “Rockstars”, and not enough time engaging in real conversation and falling in lust instead of love. This situation in particular, I (DJ), had fallen for a girl like this, and this is the raw emotion built up from that experience.

BS: Can we expect to see a music video for any of your songs soon?

WLLC: The official music video for “Easy” was released Nov. 15th and on iTunes Nov 20th!

BS: Tell me, what is the message or meaning behind your upcoming Album, Bad Decisions?

WLLC: Bad Decisions is pretty much the entire story of what our band has gone through in the past two years. It is our climb up the very long and not so stable ladder that is the music industry. It reveals our struggles with not only our personal lives at home with our love lives, families and friends, but also with other artists in our genres. In addition with other professionals in the music industry that don’t quite see eye to eye with us on exactly how to make a dream like this come true. It sheds a very genuine light on the truth that sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to make a bad decision, and learn from it, moving on with your life stronger, smarter, and more passionate than you were before. In the past two years as a band, we have made some terrible decisions when it has come to the business side to the personal side, including member changes etc. However, I truly believe that it is those mistakes and decisions that have brought us all together closer as a unit. We work harder. We play harder. And we are having the time of our lives. That’s what Bad Decisions is all about.

BS: Your album Bad Decisions, do you think it is along the lines of your self-titled EP or do you think it brings something different to the audience?

WLLC: Bad Decisions definitely brings a lot more variety of different types of music to listeners than the EP. It’s still just as fun, but also digs a little deeper, and has several different styles of music incorporated through the entire album.

BS: When can your fans expect to be able to buy the album?

WLLC: Right now we are looking to release the album in Mid-December

BS: Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

WLLC: Please check out www.whatlookslikecrazymusic.com and “like” us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/whatlookslikecrazy Feel free to add our personal accounts too and make friends with us! =)

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