Q and A with Zaiden

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Barebones Ent sat down with darkwave and pop singer Zaiden out of Austin, TX. Zaiden shared with us how he came up with his album and where he draws inspiration from. Zaiden brings the world a mix of music unlike others out there. If you are looking for something fresh and new take a look at what all Zaiden had to say when he chatted with Barebones!

Photo courtesy of Zaiden

BS: You have a unique sound. How did that develop for you?

Zaiden: When I started working on the project, I would go out to the woods at night and listen to the sounds. There were some water falls near by and i would hear fish jumping out from the water… Bobcats screaming too (which is freaky when you’re alone in the woods.. sounds like a girl).

Basically I wanted to capture accurately as possible, my perspective on that and how I feel my spirit resonates with or even against the vibrations of the woods. I also would go home and watch WW2 documentaries with the sound off as I faded away to sleep.

BS: How do you feel fans relate to your music?

Zaiden: I noticed I’ve never heard the same answer twice from anyone… All around the world I’ve gotten feedback due to the internet and either way they love it. I truly did want to create something that hasn’t been done before which is hard in today’s music climate. So in a way I think that it’s a good thing… No one can truly pin point but they all feel I resonate with another favorite artist of theirs. It’s great. Either way I don’t take it away from them.

BS: What do you think is a common misconception about your music?

Zaiden: That I sound like anyone else than Zaiden… Hahaha, I just feel I’ve walked down many different roads in my 21 years of reincarnation and I feel I understand too many people from different upbringings… Sometimes this is a downfall of mine too. Cause people can be so different from one another.

BS: How did your album come together?

Zaiden: To me it was just a warm-up. I’m almost done with a second project already which will carry on where this one ended. The production and vocals have gotten way better and I can only thank time for that. Time is my friend. It’s not for a lot of people though so I am grateful.

BS: What was that creation process like?

Zaiden: I honestly would go out every night to the woods where there was some water falls and I’d just listen and create lyrics and vibes in my head. Then (if I had cable or internet at the time) I would go home and watch black/ white WW2 documentaries with the sound off… It was an intricate ritual I felt was ‘me’ and not and accidental creative spill over from anyone else. I listened to almost no music either.

BS: What song on the album took you the most time to write and record? Why was that?

Zaiden: Probably “Stardust eyes”. Only cause I couldn’t make up my mind where the song was going to go. Also “Fairy” kind of did too cause I wasn’t feeling like the vision was being successfully executed. (Check out “Stardust Eyes” below, and then read on!)

BS: What made you choose “Fairy” for the single?

Zaiden: It embodies the fantasy and sort of the ‘cute’ factor I played on this project. It ties in the light themes toward the darker themes of life. The next project will imply more of how the darker themes of life imply into the lighter themes. Thus why I have the black and white hearts as logos also. No matter what/ how anyone feels or thinks (about life) there truly is lighter things and darker things in the world. It really is a choice in a lot of people’s situations. I choose the dark cause it’s funner haha. But I am self aware about it.

BS: How have people reacted to it?

Zaiden: Everybody loves it, and if they are hating they just ignore me like I vanished from planet haha. Me and my Ogres life’s are better off without these goblins snooping around but they’ll come back around eventually and try to fight what they don’t understand just like they did when I was creating the project. We’re ready for that now here at our camp. It’s whatever.

BS: What’s next for you?

Zaiden: Like I said, I’m almost done with this second project but I am going to start performing this first project live more cause I haven’t been going out as much recently. Even though my ogres are telling me I need too. They are right.

BS: How can fans get in touch with you?

Zaiden: They can find me on Instagram @ZaidenofOz where I already started uploading visuals for the second project. On Twitter @Zaidennn or my email ‘Officialzaidenmusic@gmail.com ‘ for any bookings as well. I’m not head lining coachella at the moment so we may even pop up for the hell of it. Just message us through ya’ll hand portals. We respond to everyone.

Check out Wizard Tale below!

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