Q and A with The Embassy Creator Lance Stanford

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Lance Stanford is a comic creator based out of Lubbock, TX. The Embassy may be his first book on Kickstarter, but Lance is no stranger to comics or writing. Lance is an avid comic collector, creator of Santa's Kitchen, and creator/host of The Night Nerd podcast. Check out below what all Lance had to say when he sat down with BareBones Ent to discuss The Embassy.

The Embassy

BS: What is The Embassy?

LS: The Embassy is an exciting new series I wrote to examine what life is like for outsiders who come to Earth. Our main character, Yan, doesn’t fit in the normal world and hopes he can find purpose at the Embassy. As a native of Puerto Rico he has spent his adult life in America being persecuted for being an immigrant, even though Puerto Rico is part of the US. This has left him sympathetic to other people’s journeys of freedom and chasing dreams to make their lives better. At the Embassy he will try and better everyone’s life, including his own, but there are strange and powerful people making decisions that put Yan, and the entire world, in jeopardy!

BS: Why should people check out the book?

LS: There is beautiful artwork by the great Daniel Caval that makes the characters jump off the page.  I feel like people will enjoy, and hopefully relate, to the story of someone trying to find their place in the world while facing problems that may seem out of their control.

BS: Kickstarter can be a crowded platform. How do you feel your book stands out?

LS: Aside from the gorgeous art the book is a very personal story.  Even though there is an interstellar background the book is very grounded.  There are lots of great books on Kickstarter but ours is one that is relatable and fresh all at the same time.

BS: What would you best compare the book to?

LS: People who enjoy books like Saga, Letter 44 or the current run of Legion of Superheroes. Outside of comics I’d say it is a diplomatic Men in Black or an intergalactic West Wing.

BS: How did you come up with the story?

LS: I was thinking about what it’s like to be expected to know your place in the world but feel completely lost.  When people are in that state, especially late 20s and early 30s, it can be hard to figure out what to do and to fit in.  You feel very alien.  Would a human feel alienated among aliens?  That’s what I want to explore.

BS: What made you choose Kickstarter?

LS: I’m a huge fan of Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner.  They’ve talked a lot about the future of comics being in Kickstarter.  I like being able to offer our story to people all around the world and to give away cool goodies for supporting us.  It’s terrifying knowing that it is all or nothing but I have faith that once people learn about us they will want to check out some of the amazing tiers we have.

BS: Aside from the financial goal what is your ultimate goal with this campaign?

LS: I want to tell Yan’s story!  The book is done and ready to print but I want to tell the rest of his story.  I’ve written a few issues already and I can’t wait to share them but we have to cross this first bridge.

BS: What are you currently reading?

LS: What am I not reading?!?! Haha!  My pull list at my local comic shop is about 10-15 books a week. Pretty much anything from the big 2 I’m loving.  Bendis, King, Rosenberg, Hill, Grace.  We are in a golden age of comics with so many amazing books out there.  In the non-funny pages I’m really enjoying Chuck Palahnuik’s new book “Consider This.”

The Embassy

BS: Any upcoming comics you’re excited about?

LS: Bendis is doing great stuff with the Event Leviathan minis.  The second wave of Dawn of X looks interesting.  Tom King’s Bat and Cat should be fun.  Like I said, there are amazing books coming out every week from everywhere.  Getting into Kickstarter I’ve discovered so many great book from creators I would have never known.  I guess I’m just excited about what comes next.

BS: Do any of the style of books you read influence your writing style?

LS: Everything and nothing.  I’m inspired by all this great work but want to make my own voice heard.

BS: What other projects have you worked on that fans can pick up?

LS: This is my first comic project (though I have 2 other titles that will launch in the coming months) but I am the host of The Night Nerd podcast which recently celebrated our 1000 show.  People can listen on most major platforms.

BS: What’s next for you?

LS: I have a few convention appearances coming up that should be fun.  Aside from “The Embassy” I have a fantasy adventure called “Flames” and a horror comics called “We the People” so I’m all over the place.

BS: What is the link to your Kickstarter and best way for people to contact you?

LS: Kickstarter


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