RIVALS Damned Soul Review

Allow me to introduce you to your new favorite band RIVALS. These Los Angeles based pop-rockers are gearing up for the release of their upcoming debut album Damned Soul. I just have to say that this album does not feel like a debut album. This album feels so epic already from the singles released to the overall presentation. Take a stroll with us and see why Damned Soul is worth picking up when it is released on Feb. 2, 2018.

Damned Soul cover art

Damned Soul kicks off with one of the best starts to an album I’ve heard. The first 3 songs offer a very natural progression that flows wonderfully into the rest of the album. “Over It”, “Low”, and title track “Damned Soul” seam together effortlessly allowing the listener to become fully enthralled in the music. Halfway through “Damned Soul” they throw some different effects at you that you hadn’t heard before on the album. The easiest way to describe this is your riding along and all of a sudden a turn pops up and gives you that “Oh shit” moment, but you’re still cruising.

RIVALS does a good job as you’ll see throughout the album of giving you different vibes and shots that bring in a whole ‘nother aspect into their music, while still keeping you completely into the music. This album is absolutely a ride, so enjoy it.

This leads right into my favorite song on the album, “Gunslinger”. This song is definitely something special and I could see potentially being very popular with fans. It instantly stood out to me due to the catchy but powerful lyrics, vocals, and great rhythm. It’s one of those songs that by the time the chorus hits again you’re already singing along. I feel another thing that helps this song be so great is how relatable it is for many people. This is going to be one of the songs that steals the show at concerts.

Stroll with me to the end of the album.

The final song on our journey is “To: Leila”. The song is such a great way to close the album. The lyrics are deep and matched with emotionally driven vocals and a softer rock sound. It kind of feels like the last little hill on a roller coaster, the end of the ride is in sight and your cruising into the finish.  You feel overjoyed with what you just went through, but wish there was even more.

Well kiddos, circle back around, pop the disc back to track 1, and buckle up for round 2.

Photo courtesy of RIVALS

To be honest, I had not heard RIVALS before being sent the album to check out. After listening to the album the first time I knew I had something special in my hands here, and that this band was going to be huge. I instantly became a fan of their music. The lyrics are deep and emotional but still catchy and fun. Those are consistently matched with powerful and emotion driven vocals, and a rhythm that just doesn’t stop throughout the whole album. Get in now on this band’s debut album and prepare for the ride of a lifetime.


Pre-order: (iTunes/SmartPunk)

Favorite Tracks (Really tough to not include too many here):


To: Leila

Damned Soul

Wild Things

Track Listing:

  1. Over It
  2. Low
  3. Damned Soul
  4. Gunslinger
  5. Moonlit
  6. Wild Things
  7. Misery Memory
  8. Reflection
  9. Keep Going
  10. To: Leila


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