Shot Like A Rocket Review

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Photo courtesy of band Facebook page
Photo courtesy of band Facebook page

Having a repertoire of songs that transition well from the studio to a live setting is an essential quality for tour-heavy bands, and nobody knows this better than rock group Big Engine. Playing hundreds of shows a year– from NASCAR races, to massive fairs, to opening for the likes of Buckcherry, Ted Nugent, and Motorhead–Big Engine has developed quite an extensive and diverse fan base with the catchy songs from their album Shot Like A Rocket.

Fan favorites “Party Like a Rock Star” and “Shake That Thing” possess heavy, catchy, thumping guitar riffs reminiscent of some of the great rock bands of the eighties, with the “rock star” mentality heavily present in their lyrics also. While the lyrical content isn’t particularly deep or profound, it is certainly rampant with talks of lavish partying and beautiful women, which, let’s face it, is another nostalgic nod to the gluttonous and fun lyrical style of 80’s era rock and roll. The songs are catchy, and, as the band boasts, easy to learn, which allows for fans both new and old to sing along to at their shows.

My personal favorite track from the album is “Sister Mary”, which feels at first like it’s going to be a soulful, melodic power ballad before pulling a fast one on the listener and thrashing right back into their crafty, heavy riffs.

If you’re looking for just a fun, boisterous, modern rock album to cure your eighties sweet tooth, then check out Big Engine’s Shot Like a Rocket.

[rating: 3/5]
by Taylor Ritchie

Album Cover Art
Album Cover Art

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