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photo by Vicki Dinka, courtesy of Merriment Facebook page
photo by Vicki Dinka, courtesy of Merriment Facebook page

Merriment has long been friends of us here at BareBones Ent, so when we heard they were releasing their debut album we were anxious to get our hands on it. The album has been out for a little bit now (Apr. 8, 2014), so I’m going to try and keep this brief. Let’s see if the wait was worth it.

Merriment sure knows how to deliver to their fans. Sway has been worth the wait, and gives the fans all of the features of Merriment’s music that we like so much. The music is beautiful and soothing. It is a perfect mixture of great and peaceful instrumentals with Christie’s angelic voice. I stand by what I said a year ago, Christie has one of the best voices in music, absolutely beautiful. The instruments do have a slightly harder edge on some songs than what we have heard before from the band and offers another dimension to Merriment’s catalog.

The music offers listeners something that is not so commonly heard in music today; something that is unique to it self and can cross genres. There aren’t many other bands that sound like Merriment, and that is quite the feat that the band has accomplished. I’d like to take a minute and talk about one of my favorite songs on the new album.

Track Spotlight
“Tremendous Love,” is catchy from the start with a great rhythm and deep lyrics. My first time through the album the song immediately jumped out to me. I was instantly able to see how much Merriment has grown in a short time musically, and have more of a full band sound.

Track Listing
1. Take Heart
2. Tremendous Love
3. Somehow
4. Now I’m Silver
5. Backwards
6. Two Worlds
7. Patterns
8. Spill
9. Nothing To Lose
10. Down By The Creek
11. Right Again
12. Unhinged

Favorite Tracks
Tremendous Love
Nothing To Lose
Two Worlds

I think this is definitely an album that you should check out. This is the perfect easy listening album for you to relax to. I love the album, but I don’t feel it is one I could listen to all the time. It has a very special feel to it and I think you would need to be in the mood to listen to it, but it would completely hit the spot! The album is very soothing and is sure to help wash your troubling thoughts away. Give it a show and let us know what you think!

[rating: 4.5/5]

Sway album cover
Sway album cover

Pick up Sway from Merriment HERE

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