SwitchBitch Records Compilation

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SwitchBitch Records compilation Sampler cover
SwitchBitch Records compilation Sampler cover

Is everyone ready for March 1st?  Not only are we getting the new album from The Venetia Fair , Every Sick, Disgusting Thought We’ve Got in our Brain, we are also getting a compilation sampler album from SwitchBitch Records.  This album is going to feature many different bands including 2 new songs from The Venetia Fair off their album.  The album is going to be split into 2 parts for the listener:  “Family” and “Friends.”  The “family” section will feature mostly SwitchBitch Records bands, while “friends” will showcase different artists that helped to create the sampler.

The compilation is going to be available at SXSW (South by Southwest) in Austin, TX this year.  Don’t fret if you can’t make it to Austin though SwitchBitch has you covered.  On March 1st, you can download the album for free or offer a donation at the record’s bandcamp page Here. This compilation offers you a great variety of music that is sure to keep you entertained and guessing what will come up next from their roster of diverse artists.

As a bonus with everything else they are already offering, the extended version of the sampler (Only available in the digital copy) gives you another section titled “Lovers.”  The bonus “lovers” section features artists that the label owner Michael Abiuso has been in a band with or has shared a stage with.  Below is the full track listing for the compilation.


  1. The Venetia Fair – Too Late To Dream
  2. The Wicked – Elevator
  3. Flannel Mouth – You’ve Convinced Me
  4. Ramsey – A One-Way To Anywhere
  5. Olde Sake – Island Eyes
  6. The Mayor – Last Sunrise
  7. The Venetia Fair – The Day I Set Them Free
  8. The Wicked – Little Ghost
  9. Flannel Mouth – Sing For Us  Tragic
  10. Ramsey – Versus
  11. Olde Sake – Paper Flowers (Old Boys)
  12. The Mayor – Make Your Old Man Proud

Lovers (Only Available on Digital download):

14. The Gay Blades – My Little Fly

15. Emma Ate The Lion – Capillaries Bursting Like Fireworks

16.  Vuvuzela – Like a Lion

17.  Hidden Hospitals – The Absence Of Emotion

18.  Tidal Arms – Wooly Pictures

19.  Hudson Hank – Homecoming

20.  Old Best Friend – The Lines I Lift


21.  Aterra Tale – One In The Same

22.  A Bunch Of Animals – Along Came A Spider

23.  Still Heart Conspiracy – Trendy Glasses & Fake Mustaches

24.  Letters From The Captain – He Was Number One

25.  The Vulture’s Kit – Death Punch

26.  From The Makers Of – Mr. Charles

27.  Ola Madrid – Collective

28.  Ben King – Girl, Come On

29.  Ry K Bev – You’re Not There

30.  Thomas Hobson – Winter Pop Song


Definitely grab this SwitchBitch Compilation Sampler while it’s available.  How does the line-up sound to you guys?  Let us know.

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Brian Swann

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