Who Did It Better, Blank Space?

We bring you a match of bands that decided to take on Megastar Taylor Swift’s single, “Blank Space”. Take a gander at the videos and vote below for who killed this jam better! Two different styles, same song. GO! Sea Swallowed Us Whole VS. I Prevail The Original [polldaddy poll=”8648575″]

Duality Review

My buddies in Set It Off released their sophomore album, Duality, today. Expectations have ran very high for this album after the great success that was, Cinematics. The band stated early on that they were going with a more pop feel for this album, leaving fans to wonder how pop they were going to go. …

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Sulene releases debut EP

South African born singer Sulene released her debut EP, Holding Words Back, on March 25, 2014.  This Berklee graduate out of New York City takes the difficulties of a bad relationship and turns it into this lovely EP.  Here’s what Sulene had to say about the EP: “I was in a terrible relationship once, like most people …

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To Be Alive Review

We Are Forever, a pop rock band, out of Indianapolis, Indiana is set to release their debut full length album, To Be Alive,  on Sept. 3, 2013.  I began subtly praising this album weeks ago.  This album is so beautiful, while still maintaining some upbeat fun songs on the album.  To Be Alive could receive an amazing …

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