The Set It Off Experience

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Photo courtesy of Set It Off Facebook page
Photo courtesy of Set It Off Facebook page

Have you caught our friends in Set It Off live yet? If not, I do not know where you have been!

Set It Off is one band out of Tampa, FL that has been blowing up so much since we first met them. They are not one of the bands where your focus is on the lead singer the whole time like many bands. Yes, Cody Carson can steal a show, but there is so much going on around him that you can watch any member of the band and be thoroughly entertained. For example you have Dan Clermont’s pure musicianship, Zach DeWall’s showmanship, Austin Kerr’s random dancing and crowd interaction, and Maxx Danziger’s insane facial expressions and pure joy in his playing. Any one of these guys can steal the show on any night. Though I must say a consistent crowd favorite is Cody walking out over the crowd with only their arms holding him up.

The band were just recently on the Come Alive Tour with Our Last Night, Heartist, and Stages and Stereos. All of these bands seemed to love playing on this tour together and mentioned each other throughout the sets, more than just the usual, “Are you ready for big name band…”. Stages and Stereos and Heartist both put on good, but vastly different shows which both got the crowd pumped leading up to Set It Off.

Set It Off hits the stage in a rush and instantly has the crowd off their feet and ready to tear the building apart. The show is very high energy and features many fan favorite songs such as, “Swan Song”, “Partners In Crime” (feat. a fan), “Dreamcatcher”, and many more. This tour also gave fans the chance to hear a brand new song that they have not had the privilege to hear before, “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”. The song is powerful and exciting, and gives the fans that much more excitement for the upcoming Duality release.

After closing their set out, and a brief break, you can always find the various members of the band walking around the venue greeting the mobs of fans. Each member is almost always swamped with fans wanting to talk to them and take pictures, but they always take the time to meet everyone.

If you stuck around long enough you could also catch Cody jumping on stage with Our Last Night to perform their cover of “Bye Bye Bye” by N’Sync. Check out the cover below

Do yourself a favor and go see Set It Off this fall with Black Veil Brides and Falling In Reverse! Check out the dates and buy your tickets Here

Brian Swann

Brian Swann

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