The War Outside Review

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The War Outside Album cover
The War Outside Album cover

Houston, TX rock band, Otenki, recently released their new album The War Outside on January 28, 2014.  The album features original songs, remixes, and even a cover.  All of the remixes are done by Aaron Musselwhite.  Does the band offer up a solid release early this year?

I really enjoy the opening song of the album, “Ghosts,” in my opinion this is the best song on the album.  The lyrics are awesome, strong instruments, and very relatable for people.  I’ve included the music video at the end of the review.  I like this song so much that I even like the remix that is included on the album, and I typically don’t care a lot for remixes.  The following song, the “Glory Be Remix,” would in fact be one of the remixes that I don’t care for.  I would say it is ok, but I feel the tech effects take away from the talent of the band.

The next two songs pick the album back up, and shows some strength.  “Kinetic,” is a single that has been out for awhile.  The instrument playing in this song carries it along and really helps the listener get into it.  “The Real Me,” showcases the talent of the band both vocally and musically.  This song shows how much potential the band really has.  Everyone has been there and it helps to make the song that much more special.  I love a song that you listen to once and you feel like someone else feels what you have before.

Photo courtesy of Otenki
Photo courtesy of Otenki

To skip ahead a song the band did a cover of Bruno Mars’ hit song “It Will Rain.”  This is a great cover by the band, and the song fits them well.  It sounds like it could have been their song rather than a cover.

The next song I can’t really talk to much about, because it is in spanish.  “La Botella,” sounds nice?

The album closes up with a remix of “Kinetic.”

I’m torn on the album, while I thoroughly enjoy some songs there are others that are forgettable.  I do feel this band has a lot of potential and we have only seen the tip of what they are capable of.  I would say the album is ok, due to the strength of some of the songs and the band’s talent alone.  My preference would have less remixes on the album and have more songs in their place.  The writing is there, but doesn’t seem to be tapped into on every song.  The band has the talent to make some waves in music, and deserves a listen.

Track Listing:

1.  “Ghosts”

2.  “Glory Be Remix”

3.  “Kinetic”

4.  “The Real Me”

5.  “Ghosts Remix”

6.  “It Will Rain”

7.  “La Botella”

8.  “Glory Be”

9.  “Violence”

10.  “Kinetic Remix”

Favorite Tracks:


“The Real Me”

“It Will Rain”

You can buy the album Here

Check out Otenki on Facebook

[rating: 2.5/5]


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