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Photo courtesy of band Facebook page
Photo courtesy of band Facebook page

We Are Forever, a pop rock band, out of Indianapolis, Indiana is set to release their debut full length album, To Be Alive,  on Sept. 3, 2013.  I began subtly praising this album weeks ago.  This album is so beautiful, while still maintaining some upbeat fun songs on the album.  To Be Alive could receive an amazing reception on the strength of its ballads alone.  Take a journey with us and see why we love this album.

The album starts off with a more traditional upbeat pop rock song, “Believe in the Bottom Line,” focusing on everything from coming of age to love.  The driving instrumentals in the song keep the listener moving while still keeping up with meaningful lyrics.  The song is followed quickly with another fast tempo love song, “Half Awake.”  The first couple tracks really showcase the talented musicians We Are Forever has playing instruments for them.

The next song on the album is the single the band released, “Everything You Are.” This song was released as a free download on August 22. that can be picked up Here.  We’ll give you a moment if you want to run over there and download it real fast. All set, ok!

The first of the ballads is next with the breakup song, “Fighting For You.”  These ballads bring me back to the amazingness that was power ballads in the ’80s (though I wasn’t alive in the ’80s.)  This song is just perfect lyrically, and will resonate with anyone who has been in the whole bad relationship situation..which is most of us.  The first time the song played it was instantly replayed, along with some others we will talk about in a minute.

We’re going to skip ahead a little bit and go to the next ballad on the album, “Goodbye My Hero.”  Now if you follow us on Twitter you may have seen me tweet about this song.  I truly love this song.  It is so beautiful and powerful.  Like “Dad’s Song” by Set It Off it instantly took me to my grandpa who passed away..there were tears.  The blend of drums and vocals on this track mix beautifully.  Trust me just close your eyes and listen to the song and it will move you. I can’t honestly count how many times I have listened to this song.

Skipping ahead again slightly we come to the final 2 tracks.  We’ll start with the gorgeous number, “Forget The Sun,” which was done with Shannon Barry.  The boys in We Are Forever and Shannon blend seamlessly on this track making it one of the best on the album.  There’s not much I can besides this track is so powerful while staying peaceful and mesmerizing all at once.  It’s one of those songs I can picture a completely dark building with the light dimmed on stage and the whole audience is just in awe.

The final track picks the pace back up with, “Be Heard.”  The song seems to me to be a song about following your dreams and not letting people try to influence you not to.  The song has such a great message that is portrayed well with the lyrics that I am sure it is going to be a fan favorite at shows.


1. Believe In The Bottom Line

2. Half Awake

3. Everything You Are

4. Fighting For You

5. To Be Alive

6. Goodbye My Hero

7. Generation

8. Say My Name

9. Forget The Sun (Feat. Shannon Barry)

10. Be Heard

Favorite Tracks:

Goodbye My Hero

Forget The Sun

Fighting For You

Be Heard

To Be Alive is a great debut album from We Are Forever.  The guys truly showcase their talent in all of the songs and show they can play upbeat fun pop rock and slow it down and touch your hearts.  The band is on a great path to success with a big album release show coming with I See Stars and quality of the album itself.  My main recommendation for all of you is get this album, put it in your computer or stereo, turn off the lights, lay back, and bask in the beautiful ambiance that is To Be Alive.

[rating: 5]

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