Trash Talk Review

Trash Talk EP Cover
Trash Talk EP Cover

On April 23, Uh-Huh Baby Yeah will be releasing a new EP titled Trash Talk on Little Heart Records.  When I first heard about the new EP I hadn’t honestly been a fan of the band before so I wasn’t too excited until I heard the single and really liked it.  The band does still have some party songs, but have grown to be so much more than that.  We now have a more mature band that has truly found a great sound that works great for them.

The whole EP is very solid all the way through and I have been truly digging it since I got it from their team.  Trash Talk kicks things off with “Dances With Wolves.”  The song is a fun party anthem that holds true to their roots, and will keep their diehard fans happy.  While still maintaining what they have built a reputation for; the song also showcases their harder approach in their music and starts the EP out with a bang,

Now I cannot choose a true single favorite track off of the EP so I will say this is one of my favorites.  The next song “Whores Will Be Whores,” is a powerful and hard song with a revenge theme.  The vocals are so strong and can make you feel the emotions pouring through the lyrics, which is an awesome effect.

The following song another one of my favorites is “Dead Friends,” which was the first single released off of Trash Talk. I really enjoy the lyrics for the song, and find it to be a very strong song on the EP.

The song is followed by “C*ntroversy” and “You Creep Me Out” leading to the final track on the EP, “Ocean of You”.  “Ocean of You,” is the softest song on Trash Talk that the band labels as a jazz influenced ballad.  I really enjoy the song and love it is as the final song on the EP.

Complete track listing:

  1. Dances With Wolves
  2. Whores Will Be Whores
  3. Dead Friends
  4. C*ntroversy
  5. You Creep Me Out
  6. Ocean of You

Favorite Tracks:

Whores Will Be Whores

Dead Friends

Ocean of You

Trash Talk definitely has some replay value and has songs that will be put into rotation with music that I listen to more often.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the EP and I recommend it over the previous album and to anyone who is looking for some new music to check out.  Trash Talk will be out on April 23rd, so pick it up when it comes out and let us know what you think. Below is the video for the single “Dead Friends,” enjoy!


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