Two Faced Charade Review

Photo courtesy of band Facebook page
Photo courtesy of band Facebook page

Famous Last Words a post hardcore band out of Michigan is releasing their much anticipated debut album Two Faced Charade on April 30, 2013.  When we spoke with the band in 2012 they were very excited about this album and the new material that they were bringing to their fans.  I can see why they are so excited; Two Faced Charade is everything they built it up to be.  The album is absolutely fantastic. Read on to find out why we liked it and why you need this album.

Two Faced Charade takes you into the mind of a killer who is in love with his neighbor.  To accompany the album the band had a short story put together that really brings everything together. The story takes the concept and puts it in to place and immerses you in the dark and grisly world of this man’s mind. [link to story at end] 

The album starts out with the song “Welcome to the Show” which starts with soft introduction instrumentals leading into an explosion of vocals and instruments at once.

The album has such a strong start that it is hard to pick an early song that truly stands out to me, but I would have to say that “Voices” is the first song that stands out to me.  It is a hard track with powerful lyrics that help to build the relationship of the main character to you.

A few tracks later at number 8 sits possibly my favorite song on Two Faced Charade, “To Play Hide and Seek with Jealousy”This song is just awesome and badass all around.  Famous Last Words find a way to master hitting every area that draws fans to music.  Fun instrument playing that makes you want to move, catchy and powerful lyrics, a chorus you can’t help to sing along to, and an awesome hardcore section of the song.  This song is the song that is going to be so awesome to get to see live. 

Everything closes out with “The Show Must Go On” part one and two.  Part one starts out on a softer tone and does a great job of showing the emotion that the character is feeling.  The album finishes on the same page as the powerful short story, which is awesome to see it conclude in this way.


  1. Welcome To The Show
  2. Victim of the Virtuoso
  3. The Relentless
  4. Voices
  5. Lust of the Lost
  6. Legends and Legacies
  7. In Perfect Hindsight
  8. To Play Hide and Seek with Jealousy
  9. Searching For a Home
  10. Even a Ghost Has a Sanctuary
  11. The Show Must Go On Pt. 1
  12. The Show Must Go  On Pt 2

Favorite Tracks:

  1. Voices
  2. Legends and Legacies
  3. To Play Hide and Seek With Jealousy
  4. Even a Ghost Has a Sanctuary

This album is completely great all around, and a stellar debut from the band.  I have to say that it is one of my favorite albums I have heard in 2013.  The guys of Famous Last Words absolutely killed it on this album.  You have to have this album in your collection. Perfect to buy throw in the radio and just prepare to rock out while being told a great story all at the same time.


You can see the story behind Two Faced Charade here: Story

You can preorder the album in some great bundles Here

Click here for our 2012 Interview with Famous Last Words

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