Valentine’s Feature with Bethany and Blake Jurasin

Bethany and Blake are two of our absolute favorite people in the world, and we couldn’t help but to reach out to them when we started thinking about a feature for Valentine’s Day (Albeit, very last minute). Of course they were on board though. This talented, musical couple was more than happy to share the love with us. So come and celebrate a special Valentine’s Day with BareBones and the Jurasins!

Photo by Carhart Photography

BBE: How long have you two been together? 

Bethany and Blake: Two years as of last Wednesday (February 3rd)! We’ve been married for almost seven months now.

BBE: You got married last year in the heart of covid which did force you to change your plans. While this has clearly been a horrible pandemic you did win a wedding contest. What was that experience like for you?

Bethany: It was super surreal! Every girl pictures their wedding growing up, I never in a million years thought I would win one in the middle of a global pandemic. We had just indefinitely postponed our large wedding when I saw a “Central Texas COVID Affected Couples Wedding Giveaway” contest in an Instagram ad. Blake and I won the contest by creating a parody of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s song “We Were Us” called “Please Choose Us,” about us falling in love and COVID crashing our original wedding plans. The team of vendors who gifted us our wedding were SO sweet, and our wedding was so much more special and beautiful than it ever would have been if I had planned it by myself! For getting married during a pandemic, I really think we had the best-case scenario.

Blake: Before winning that contest, we had to cancel a bunch of gigs, both for Bethany band and for other projects. I’m man enough to admit that I bawled like a baby when the vendors, who hosted the contest, told us that we won when we spoke with all of them over Zoom. When we got the news that we had won, it was a huge spark of hope during such an unprecedented time. Everyone involved in the planning and execution of the wedding was so generous and deserves so much more than we could ever give them. I will be forever grateful that we had such an awesome and talented team that provided us with a wedding that was more than we could have ever dreamed of.

BBE: A lot of musicians write about love and relationships is that something you think either of you will do about your relationship? Or is that something that neither of you are interested in doing or just if it happens?

Bethany: Blake wrote and produced a beautiful love song for me called “Thank God for You.” I cry every time I listen to it and it’s what played when I walked down the aisle! I don’t know if Blake knows this, but I’ve started many songs about him. I don’t think I have it quite right yet. I love him so much I don’t know how to summarize him in a song! I never feel like I can do him justice. I’ll get it right one of these days, I just want to make sure it’s perfect, because he deserves it.

Blake: I wrote a song called “Thank God for You” for Bethany. It’s a song that I’ve kept private for a while; it was a gift for Bethany during Christmas of 2019. With that said, a lot of hard work and studying went into the song. I listened to Bethany’s album for inspiration and arrangement ideas, and I wanted to create a “Blake Jurasin” approach to a Bethany Becker song. I also had our bandmates record their own parts to the song to make it that much more special for her. A nice finishing touch to the song is the guitar solo section: I created a medley of solos from Bethany’s album. I think when I release my next EP, I’ll also release that song as a single.

BBE: What is your favorite love song (not of your own)?

Bethany: Am I allowed to say “Thank God for You?” ? Besides that, I’ve got to say “Lover” by Taylor Swift. I’m also a sucker for Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect.”

Blake: I’d say “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton. Back when I was crushing on Bethany (waaaay before I asked her out), I learned how to play that song so I could one day sing it to her 🙂 

BBE: What is your favorite romantic movie?

Bethany: Believe it or not I’m not a huge romantic movie fan. I’m too realistic. I get annoyed with how fast people “fall in love” in movies! For example, I really was not a fan of “The Notebook.” Are Frozen and Tangled romantic movies? Then, Frozen and Tangled ? I recently saw Fifty First Dates for the first time and enjoyed it.

Blake: Does “Across the Universe” count? I love that movie.

BBE: What is your favorite show (in general) to watch together?

Bethany: I would say The Office! I gave Blake a “World’s Best Husband” mug on our wedding day. Jim and Pam remind me of us. Can The Office be my favorite romantic movie?

Blake: Definitely “The Office,” although we’ve been watching a ton of “Pokemon: Indigo League” lately. I even got Bethany a plushie of two Pikachus holding a rose heart for Valentine’s Day.

[Such a great show!]

BBE: If you two are sitting down for the night to watch something what is your go-to couple snack?

Bethany: We’ve recently gotten into HEB’s pimento cheese! Blake likes running to the gas station to grab snacks. He calls it “an adventure.” He normally gets Gardetto’s and I switch between jalapeno potato chips and Takis.

Blake: Pimento cheese and crackers!!!!

BBE: Do you prefer to go to a restaurant (pre-pandemic), order in, or cook at home together?

Bethany: That one is hard! We enjoy all of the above. We order in a lot of tacos and Chinese food. Blake is an excellent cook and he likes to cook for me. I like to think I’m a good sous-chef.

Blake: I love cooking for Bethany. Even right now, I’m cooking Beef Stew for her. That said, we order-in tacos and Ramen Tatsuya A LOT.

BBE: Now I know Bethany is a Disney fan so this question had to be in there. What famous Disney couple are you two? 

Bethany: I’ve thought long and hard about this. I think we’re a cross between Flynn and Rapunzel and Anna and Kristoff. Blake has Kristoff’s heart and Flynn’s Wit. I’m super awkward and clumsy ? but I like to think I’m loveable and capable, like Anna/Rapunzel, haha!

Blake: Anna and Kristoff from Frozen

Photo by Carhart Photography

BBE: What advice would you give someone looking for love? Or even a couple starting out?

Bethany: To those waiting for their person: Don’t settle. Wait for the right person to give your heart to. I was super single for most of my life up until now, and I remember feeling like the right person would never come around. I want to assure people that the right person will, and that they shouldn’t waste their time and energy on someone who is “almost perfect” or “has potential.” Also, look for someone who pursues you as much as you pursue them. Never waste your time chasing someone. You’re better than that!

To couples starting out: Enjoy being giddy and in love, but also take yourselves seriously! Don’t avoid or brush over important questions. Have important conversations early in your relationship, don’t be a chicken! You have to communicate, and you have to be honest. If something is important to you: vocalize it. NEVER fight to be right, always fight for understanding and peace. That way, both of you win every time. You have to operate as a team.

Blake: Don’t rush anything and make sure to work on yourself prior to entering a relationship. I personally had a lot of things to work through on my own before I asked Bethany out, and we took things slow once we actually started dating. I also suggest being friends first above everything else: Bethany is my absolute best friend. We started as friends and grew into so much more. I know without a doubt that because we have such a great friendship, our marriage will endure anything that comes our way.

BBE: What is next for the two of you creatively?

Bethany: We’re almost done recording the next Bethany Becker single, so stayed tuned for that super soon! I also have a song called “Open Arms” that I wrote for my film “The Dark Places” that I will release to the world once the film is done with its festival run. We’ve also been doing a lot of work with the Student Television Network and Technotainment, which is headed up by Nyhl Henson, the founder of MTV, CMT, and Nickelodeon among other things. It has been a slow year for live shows for obvious reasons, but there’s a lot cooking behind the scenes! Just keep your eyes and ears open!

Blake: We’re working on recording new material! I’ve been working with the Bethany Becker band on workshopping songs, and I have some of my own material that I hope to release by the beginning of next year.

BBE: What is the best way for fans to reach out to you?

Bethany: You can shoot me a DM on anything! I love meeting fans and making new friends! Here are a few of my social media links:



Apple Music





Blake: Hit me up on Facebook (Blake Jurasin) or Instagram (@blakejura). 

BBE: Anything else you would like to add?

Bethany: We’re so thankful for you, Bryan! You, Amanda, and your whole family are so endlessly supportive of us and our musical journeys and have been since the very beginning. We love you guys!!!

Blake: We really appreciate you and the BareBones family. You and Amanda have been so kind to us, and we’ve loved staying connected through the years \m/

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